Earls Court Gays: rich, muscular gays often with bleached teeth, glossy and perfect, invulnerable, never read a book.  Often hard to distinguish from Poor Little Rich Gays, but differences are crucial. Regularly exercise your antenae to ensure you can tell the difference

Glyndebournia: refers to Glyndebourne Opera in Sussex, England; very grand country house opera; arrival by helicopter only recently banned. Long dinner interval a feature when opera-goers engage in competitive picnicking in the gardens.  Gays very attracted but can clash horribly with huffy, puffy old-school gay- bashers.  A pork-faced colonel eye-balled my little Miu Miu suit and set a course straight for me on the toilet staircase. ‘It’s in the Green Jacket Museum,’ he was bellowing to a friend. The Green Jackets are some regiment or other.

Kitchen: Anthony Mottram’s term for a young man with whom he might be involved. Its origins: one such young man was learning English (another feature: they don’t speak English) and got ‘kitchen’ and ‘chicken’ confused. Mottram did not correct him. You can see that ‘chicken’ might be an effective term for such a boy  so laterally they became ‘kitchens’. A further twist in the whole peculiar scenario is that Mottram now imagines himself to be a kitchen.  This interest in younger men or boys (but not illegal) who become financially dependent is a feature of Poor Little Rich Gay Life.

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