Val Rang

Wednesday 24th June 2020

Val rang from Moscova, Hastings.

‘Cabin fever, or what?’ he goes. His main news was a cheesecake which might or might not be made, depending on whether certain visitors were definitely coming or possibly the cheesecake being made was the deciding factor that would determine their arrival. In any case, an ingredient was missing from his Co-op. Could it have been Yarg? What is Yarg? I said, ‘What about Philidelphia Cream Cheese?’ But that could result in a claggy cheesecake. The other thing would avoid that.

He doesn’t think much of this pandemic. Wild life will be just as much in danger afterwards as far as he can see. What is the point?

Speaking of testing, for which there is a tremendous vogue at the moment – drive-by testing, testing centres, testing, testing – Val said he’d gone down a different path. He’d taken a genetic test. ‘What for?’ I inquire. ‘To prove that I am Anastasia, of course.’ I was stunned. How perfectly ridic. All these years. How could I not have realised that Val is the tragic missing Grand Duchess of Russia?

It just goes to show how these things get overlooked. Anastasia would be 119 years old by now whereas Val is 63. But that’s a minor detail.


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