Harry and Meghan

Wednesday 4th June 2020

Royston King said previously that the thing about ‘Harry and Meghan’ was their Insta following. That would buoy them up through all eventualities, being loved by young people who cared little for Monarchy.

Now it’s all different. Royston says they’re finished. Prince William is having a good pandemic. Although his speaking is appalling. Consonants reduced to a minimum. But he is Royalty. There was a TV about his Mental Health initiative. Very timely. He didn’t bring himself in all the time. Only once was his mother’s death referred to. He remained a personage, even though speaking the opposite of posh. It’s so incredible really, the endless ways in which you can be Royal. Who’d ever have thought talking to male footballers about their inner tears and anguish would be one of them.

Harry and Meghan now are just people. Going to live in Los Angeles was the last straw. How can they conceivably be Members of British Royal Family there? They can’t even be Duke and Duchess of Sussex. There aren’t any Dukes in America. They’ll just be joke figures in exile, clinging on to past glory, like those dissolute aristocrats forced to sojourn abroad after sodomy or gambling. The pandemic has shut them down but they’d have been shut down anyway. I suppose they might grind on as celebrities at the unimportant end of the scale. Goodness knows how long that will last. Their Insta is shut down. If you search ‘Duke of Sussex’ you get a pub in Waterloo.

A huge Royal Authority at the Cecil Beaton opening on 10th March said that Harry would be back – alone.

They didn’t realise that being Royal mattered.  The title conferred on marriage meant something too, but only on British soil.  They went too far. They ceased to be Royal. They was all they were which is everything in one sense.

Posted Wednesday, June 3, 2020 under Adrian Edge day by day.

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