President Trump’s Internal Bleaching Idea – Never Heard Anything like It for 55 Years

Thursday 30th April 2020

In early life I craved society. It was only to be had locally. Later I went to Prep and became the raving snob I have been ever since, Thank God. So in this pre-era a boy came to play, just the once as I remember. He wasn’t a good boy, unfortunately, wasn’t liked. In later life he turned out too hopeless even for a life of petty crime. We lit a fire which failed to go. This boy had a brain wave: Why not put hot water on it? Cold water would put it out but hot water would surely have the opposite effect. At seven years old I wasn’t at all scientific or even clever. But I remember being completely shocked. Still am. How could anybody think that? We’ve all had moments of stupidity – pulling the door when it says Push. That kind of thing. But this was something else. A massive failure of the internal wiring. As if someone were hungry but didn’t know that they wouldn’t be if they ate something.

I never again experienced such stunned amazement at the thinking of another until, that is, President Trump unravelled his notion of internal disinfecting and also illumination last week. So that’s a whole 55 years of nothing like that, with at one end an unfortunate foster boy of seven years old and at the other the President of the United States of America.



Posted Thursday, April 30, 2020 under Adrian Edge day by day.

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  1. A bad boy, Ricky Gillit, came round to pre prep Angus’ house and we jumped up and down on my parents bed then took off all our clothes and rolled in their his n hers sheepskin rugs. No parable here. Just early delinquent sex.

  2. It was incredible, our society before we became what we afterwards became

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