Toilet Quest in Atlanta

Wednesday 26th February 2020

I went to the so-called Margaret Mitchell House, a ‘Tudor Revival’ building now marooned between freeways and high-rises. The only clarity was that Tudor when revived bore no resemblance whatsoever to Tudor. She occupied only an apartment there in fact. The building had fallen into ruin by the 1970s and what you see is a facsimile. Convincing though as a middle-class 30s American interior. I noticed that in America they have no qualms about offering an improvised restoration as the actual thing. It’s all a question of what you want to believe. The same story at the Martin Luther King birthplace. I sat on a banquette in Margaret Mitchell’s little lounge and suddenly realised I was within inches of her as she sat at a tiny oak table composing Gone with the Wind – that immortal work. Tara and the green velvet curtains. She only did it because she’d had an accident and had nothing to do. Her husband bought her a typewriter. The rest of the exhibit was all about the film and its premiere in Atlanta, which the actress who played the black maid couldn’t attend. I thought it a swindle, the writer overlooked in her own ‘home’. I’ve never read the book or sat through the film. Have you? But her toilet was there. I believed in the toilet. And suddenly was struck by a great opportunity. I’d already got Queen Victoria’s toilet, achieved on a visit to Osborne a few years ago. Now Margaret Mitchell’s was secured. What a wonderful thing it would be if I could add Martin Luther King’s when I visited the Martin Luther King Birth Home in downtown Atlanta. It was inconceivable that it would not be on view.

What a trio of toilets…

Queen Victoria's Toilet - Already in the Collection

Queen Victoria’s Toilet – Already in the Collection

Margaret Mitchell's Toilet - but Would I get Martin Luther King's....?

Margaret Mitchell’s Toilet – but Would I get Martin Luther King’s….?



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