Atlanta At Last

Monday 24th February 2020

Today is the 96th Birthday of the Gay Mother.

I flew from New Orleans to Atlanta. Lanard took me to the airport throwing in a few more fabulous residential districts on the way. We went along State Street, where residences are surrounded by lawns under huge live oak trees. Some look 18th century but were built in the last five years. Others look as if built in the last five years but are 18th century. Incredible views from the plane of the endless wateriness of those parts… followed by arrival in Atlanta. Largest terminal in the world. Five stops on the Monorail before you get to the luggage hall which is as good as out on the street. V few takers for the luggage carousel except one man displaying the latest Balenciaga sportswear range. I Uber in to Peter and Ned’s ‘unit’ in the mid-town. No sense of entering a town. Freeways and blobby development right up to the door of the skyscraper, with Margaret Mitchell’s house stranded underneath it. Gone with the Wind!

I go up to the unit. Peter and Ned aren’t there but after a while they are. I look out of the windows but still no sign of Atlanta to speak of… lots of woods with clumps of high-rise springing out of them now and again. Incredible reunion with Ned and Peter. A random Gay wanders into the Unit. He’s a Gay neighbour except he swings both ways possibly. Banter about this person’s latest escapades. On the way out to lunch we fling open the door of another apartment. There’s another Gay in scrubs. ‘Oh are we to have splashy surgery?’ I go, thinking of dear Frank Bough and his adventures in Earlsy Courtsy. Nobody has any idea what I’m talking about. ‘It’s disgraceful they’re allowed to wear them out of the hospital,’ Peter snaps. We slam the door shut on the Gay in scrubs. He’s an anaesthetist and has been up all night anaesthetising people. I was exceptionally reassured.

New Orleans Looking Watery from the Air

New Orleans Looking Watery from the Air

A Man Showing Balenciaga

A Man Showing Balenciaga

Man Showing Balenciaga Leaving with Suitcase - What more Houses in that Case?

Man Showing Balenciaga Leaving with Suitcase – What more Houses in that Case?

Altanta - Where is It?

Altanta – Where is It?

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