I Shall Say as Little as Possible

Saturday 14th December 2019

Our great Nation. I know many, even Poor Little Rich Gays, are bitterly disappointed by the events of yesterday. Joshua Baring foresaw a hung parliament, Royston and Prince Dmitri were in trepidation. The Multis (oh yes, there’s been speaking) had no doubts whatsoever – which I suppose is why they became what they afterwards became. Never any doubts at least as far as the Nation’s shape is concerned.

All I can say is: there must always be diamonds, and cars at the door and Greatnesses going forth towards them. People can do better than a B&Q front door.

I feared being wheeled in a cart to Brent Cross, where I was informed the first guillotines were to be set up – just to get started in guillotining. Or at least a family billeted upon me who would burn all my furniture.

Our Great Nation. Our glory has always been huge change without bloodshed, destruction or upheaval. Hence we got ahead in the 19th while other countries were still having revolutions. Now we must face another change with nothing to fall back on but the greatness of our Nation, We fought to halt it. Nobody can say it’s a sensible thing to do. But, in truth, the battle was lost some time ago, probably in September when the opposition parties failed to unite to oust Boris Johnson.

By the way, I longed to have confab with Rachel, the Prime Ministerial sister, at the Literary Review party last week. She was much involved with Dainty Lady TV, you know. Her husband does pieces to camera for Dainty in the same way that I do. Yes! I’m that close to Downing Street.

But I couldn’t get near her for toadies.

We must try to insert Poor Little Rich Gays into Downing Street – to advise, for ££££… general thinking, clothes, hair, curtains… Poor Little Rich Gays have so much to offer.

I suppose, should anything happen to ‘Boris’ – it is a worry because he’s very fat and hunched. I do hope doctors are crawling all over him – that funny old father will take over.

One year ago, Royston door-stepped the old father at the National Portrait gallery announcement event for their new refurb – and got a coup. The reason ‘Boris’ had to stand down in the leadership election in 2016 was Nick Boles hid his phone.

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