Suddenly Ireland Twice in One Year

Sunday 17th November 2019

I’ve only ever been to Ireland once and that was Dublin about 3 years ago with Reggie Cresswell to see a perf by Harry Rollo and Bertram DiBantry with another world-known performer who carries rocks from one of his homes at all times, which the airport security people find troubling.

Then suddenly this year I’ve been twice – to rural Ireland. But not the West. How I long to see the West and follow in Reggie Cresswell’s footsteps when he traced Yeats’ footsteps there with his mother. Lissadell. I schemed and schemed to get there but in the end it was just too far with our schedule. The Gay Mother wanted to see her dead friend’s daughter – her friend Miss A who died in March which was the occasion of my going to Ireland then. Funny though how she didn’t think of going to Ireland while Miss A was still alive. In the end they could only communicate by letter because Miss A was too deaf for the telephone.  As always, though, Death spurs a lot of activity that wouldn’t have been thought of otherwise. It’s one of the advantages. Miss A was a hard-line Abstract artist, who enjoyed late success. Much influenced by HH. It was my idea to visit Ireland and I developed mental health issues trying to arrange it. We had a v. narrow escape with a hotel. How to cover Ireland in 3 days with someone of 95, flying to Dublin from the Far West Airport, and the central purpose being to visit Miss A’s daughter. I consulted Val and Prince Dmitri, I booked and unbooked so many hotels, surely giving rise to comment on the platform.  Irish Georgian was my great goal. New Grange was mentioned by Val – megalithic. No thank you.

I thought the Gay Mother would never accept the assistance at the airport because it was a wheel-chair. But she did and was wheeled and rather loved it. But you could see how once in a wheelchair as far as everyone else is concerned you’re fully incapable. The Gay Mother in fact is self-driving, self-cooking, self-shopping, self-walking, with all her faculties. One of the wheelers, on the return journey, possibly the Head of the Far West Airport, looked as if she was about to commit the Gay Mother to a Twilight Home on the spot.

Anyway, we gained Ireland and went straight to Barberstown Hotel, about 20 miles from Dublin to the west, near Munooth, where there was a lot of trouble in the 1840s re: the British gov funding the Catholic priest training school there. Barberstown was once the residence of Eric Clapton. It became apparent that the wing where we were was new, so it was really Country-House-Style, rather than actual country house. The corridor was thoroughly common, sadly. Antiques, antiques, antiques though. ‘I’m not a great fan of four-poster beds,’ the Gay Mother said later. There were two of everything including sofas, but only 3 very dim table lamps. If you wanted to find your clothes, you had to face the horror of the full over-head glare from the chandelier. As you know, I’ve fought all my life against over-head lighting.

After resting and settling in to hotel life, we took an evening drive into Dublin which the Gay Mother had never seen in all her life. Tremendous traffic, but we saw St Stephen’s Green and Merrion Square and the Custom House by the Liffey which I never saw when there before – all without getting out of the car. Ideal.

Back at the hotel, we had fish of the day. The hotel didn’t have a restaurant as usually known. It was brasserie type food in an extraordinary newly-built conservatory-like structure with music piped and people who should probably be described as drinkers. The fish of the day was a modest sea-bass filet in a bowl with pototoes and huge qualities of tomato and pepper sauce. The Gay Mother didn’t approve. Wine by the glass was like what you get in a pub that hasn’t gone in for wine in an important way.

Barberstown Hotel Corridor - a bit of Giveaway

Barberstown Hotel Corridor – a bit of Giveaway. MDF and Blue Carpet with Fleur de Lys

The Room at Barberstown Hotel

The Room at Barberstown Hotel

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