Lady Greatness Faces Death at Plant Nursery

Friday 26th February 2010

Last Saturday I drove all over Essex in search of Allium Ampeloprasum. It is a plant and very rare. Robert Nevil could not accompany me because rellies in Beaconsfield were moving and therefore shedding household goods, including deceased Aunt Bicky’s good hock glasses; absolutely essential that they were grasped into the RN sack apparently. But what about me? What about my white wine glasses, hit by the Credit Crunch? I’m down to the last four. Or  my dinner plates?  I need to re-plate my home. Where is a harlequin set ? Hadn’t these people got anything to offer?

Robert Nevil and I very much have gardening in common. I’ve kept quiet about this side – not sure whether it is truely Poor Little Rich Gay. Now, I’m beginning to wonder.

At Langthorn’s Plantery, which, as it happens is near Stanstediana (it’s an airport), seven or eight people were waiting in the shed to pay for their plants. At the till, an elderly lady of great glamour – good camel coat, black tights, excellent black patent leather flatties, good modern hair, lovely blue eyes. She addressed the nurseryman: ‘Now, look here, have you got any help yet? My son, and he’s sixty this year …’ (which means she must have been at least eighty, doesn’t it?) ‘he’s all over the place and he hasn’t got any help.’ Then she turned and addressed the company. ‘We all rely on this place, don’t we? But they must have more help.’ Then she veered in another direction. ‘I’ll be back, you know.  I’m still having treatment. By rights I should have been dead a month ago. But I’m not. I’m here. I’ve got two big planting schemes planned for the summer.’ By this time, her ancient husband, bent like a tree by the wind, had paid and she was at the door, about to exit, in full, beaming command: ‘That’s how it is with cancer,’ she said triumphantly.

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  1. Gulietta Bambino says:

    Isn’t that just some wild onion?

  2. admin says:

    Well, yes but only available from Beth Chatto, as it turned out

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