Robert Nevil – Astonishing Breakthrough at the Ivy

Wednesday 24th February 2010

Robert Nevil, of the Poor Little Rich Gays, is one of the more naturally endowed as to money. At the book-worm, brainy end, shall we say? Rich rewards there reserved for those with the gift of writing badly.

Would you believe it if I told you he has recently acquired his own individually-assigned booking manager at the Ivy?

I don’t think you would.

The Ivy, for better or for worse, is at the heart of Poor Little Rich Gay life. We are all known there or trying to be.

Sol Weideinwar, the gay multi-millionaire friend of Laura Malcolm and Matt Driver, has such a thing. One simple call. Table absolutely guaranteed. Except that he bitched up and spat back. When he used this method to book on his secretary’s behalf, she going but not him, they had the effrontery to complain. So that was the end of them. Decisive wrenching of lav chain.

To get back to Robert Nevil. Last week he was lunched at the Ivy by some senior book person, presumably with a private income.

Oh yes, I’d quite forgotten. Smallmeal was there! We haven’t heard much of him recently, have we? Nor the partner, the cat expert, Simon Limpney. The thing is you can only manage so many enemies. I’ve had my hands full with a certain gentleman in the ‘consultancy’ line. Let’s hope there’s news soon on that front. Smallmeal, of course, is known and loved at the Ivy after giving them an award for Britain’s prettiest tied rubbish bags or some such. He’s head of landfill in this country, you might remember.

So, Robert Nevil’s lunch is tremendously extended and he gets into conversation with the maitre d’ who it turns out is a huge fan of the Pony Club. You don’t believe it, do you? And you’ve forgotten that Robert Nevil wrote that delightful history of the Pony Club, haven’t you?

Well, it’s true. Excitement and thrilldom all round. RN to offer a signed copy for the Ivy library (do you know it?) post haste. AND, this is the absolute glory, the maitre d’ hands a card with a special e-mail: ‘Use that if you want to book. Don’t bother with the dreary old switchboard.’

Posted Thursday, February 25, 2010 under Adrian Edge day by day.

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  1. Laura Malcolm says:

    I hate to rain on Robert Nevil’s parade, but I believe the Ivy is now frequented only by bridge and tunnel. You have to go the Ivy Club next door, where Sol Weideinwar keeps a table. Not that I’ve ever been invited. But maybe that’s where Robert Nevil was? I can’t imagine Smallmeal would settle for second best.

  2. admin says:

    Oh no! Had quite forgotten about Ivy Club! What are we to do? But at least Smallmeal reduced to main restaurant? Is refuse recession hit ?

  3. admin says:

    Readers may be interested to know that the Blond Multi texted me yesterday: Was there a word missing from the first sentence of my post re: Robert Nevil’s private booking manager at the Ivy? Or had RN got lucky recently? I was mystified. I scoured for a mistake. But of course, the BM assumed that ‘naturally endowed as to money’ meant ‘very rich’ whereas it was intended to indicate a normal asset level.

    But we should remember that all gays are richer than hets, not being held back by kiddie wegs. Unless you are a childless het – but then you will almost certainly have Poor Little Rich Gay tendencies

  4. Just back from South Beach, Miami (that’s SoBe for those in the know) and the place is now littered with Bridge and Tunnel….gone
    are the days of wall to wall bronzing queenery down from New York for the weekend. The only true PLRGs I spotted were in the quiet little residential streets walking their little dogs in flip flops in the cool of the evening. All rather sad. So there’s somewhere else to cross out as a winter sun option…

  5. admin says:

    Bridge and Tunnel are everywhere! Laura Malcolm reports them at the Ivy. What is to be done! Why hasn’t this recession knocked them out?

    Be careful. If you say such things, you’ll be punished.

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