Gay Pride Day

Saturday 6th July 2019

I thought Gay Pride Day was off this year in the sense of to be boycotted – owing to sponsorship from homophobic quarters. But at lunchtime I got a message from Raj Zoraster: ‘Where are you? We’re lunching at Browns.’ It turned out Emily Thornberry is his new Best Friend from Gay Pride. From the photo I thought it was Clare Balding.

But it can’t have been because she’d have been doing her show at Wimbledon, wouldn’t she?

Val messaged also, bursting with Pride. He enclosed the photo below. ‘This year,’ he said, ‘with Babs and Carol, we’re celebrating Female Beauty.’

While we are on the subject, does anyone understand why Andy Murray is not competing in the Women’s Doubles at Wimbly? He’s in the Men’s and the Mixed, so why not the Women’s? I heard he is v. keen on women’s rights etc. So why isn’t he identifying as a woman? I fear a diversity outrage is about to burst upon us.


Celebrating Female Beauty on Gay Pride Day

Val Celebrating Female Beauty on Gay Pride Day


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