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Wednesday 5th June 2019

Text from Rufus Pitman: ‘The Cambridge emerald brooch this morning – the Burma ruby Tiara this evening – I can’t work out if it means anything… I can’t STAND the Burma ruby tiara…’ I wondered if it was a crap tiara for a crap president. Soon there was a massive flowering of tiara talk, with some of the greatest of the land piling in on Facebook medium, where Rufus re-launched the topic. One of our leading Vicars revealed that in his time at St Paul’s Knightsbridge, parishioners were encouraged to bring in their old tiaras so that they could be broken down and attached to sacred vessels for diamond uplift, but the tiara shards could be dangerous especially when priestly arms were raised to elevate the Host. Rufus said he couldn’t find any use for his old tiaras except to strain peas. The Queen Mother’s tiaras – could we recall them? The Oriental Circlet and the Glamis Tiara, like a fender for a fireplace. But the Vicar said it wasn’t the Glamis Tiara, it was the Greville Tiara, made by Boucheron for Mrs Ronnie Greville and bequeathed by that lady to Her Late Majesty. I never knew that. Mrs Ronnie Greville – Lady Desborough said she’d rather have an open sewer in her drawing room. It seems to me that the Queen Mother borrowed tiaras and never gave them back – the Delhi Durbar tiara, for instance, she never returned to Queen Mary. The Strathmore tiara also, borrowed for her own wedding and clung on to thereafter. Now worn by Princess Kate Middleton. Rufus thought that the Girls of Great Britain tiara had been broken down – but it hasn’t. Where, though, is the Boys of Great Britain tiara? Surely now its time has come. Come on, Boys of Great Britain, you’ve really got to crowd-fund a tiara. It would be a perfect leaving present for Mrs May. But Rufus said, In that case it’ll have to be made of string. The Vicar wants the Princess Katharina Henckel Von Donnersmarck Tiara to wear for gardening and the Countess of Aberwristwith agreed that the Burma Ruby tiara is rubbish – such tiny rubies, not even the size of peas. If £100,000 came his way, Rufus said, he’d buy a emerald and diamond necklace to wear for eating spag bol on a Tuesday. But I don’t think £100,000 is enough. Grannie’s Chips are supposed to be worth £40 million. What are we to do? A glass substitute wouldn’t get you anywhere. You just can’t get cut-price diamonds. Debo came up, of course and how she arrived at Windsor to find nobody in tiaras, not even the Queen, so she took hers off and left it under a chair. Her view was that only at Windsor could you be sure of finding it again later. And also how Debo started her article about the Tiara Exhib at the V&A (greatest exhib ever), ‘What are tiaras for?’ Alternative uses for tiaras, other than as headgear, should be considered. How about a Christmas book – 100 Ways with Your Tiara Round the Home? You could place a tiara, for instance, in a chair you didn’t want anybody to sit in, instead of a tiresome dried teasel like they do in National Trust homes. Or you could put your cake tin inside your tiara and put it in the oven. Ideas on a postcard please.

Oh the Royal Tiaras! Will we ever grasp them? The Greville Bequest is shrouded in mystery, Rufus said. Nobody knows its extent. Suddenly Princess Eugenie appeared in the Greville emerald bandeau for her wedding, which had never been seen before ever… The Vladimir Tiara, though, we do know and indeed I gazed at its actual self in the Romanov Exhib last autumn, its greatness unsurpassed. In a delightful chance encounter with the Head of the Royal Collection outside Buckingham Palace last week, it was revealed that when the tiara arrived for exhib there was an unprepossessing piece of elastic attached to it. Could they remove it?  they asked. Word came back: Certainly not. Without that elastic there was no hope of Majesty being able to keep it in.

Can I say, though, how this State Visit has shown the enormous prestige of the British Royal Family and supremely of course Her Majesty the Queen? Trump at last required to behave and subsumed totally in his inept white tie into the greatness of our ways.

The Vladimir Tiara: the Greatest of All Tiaras

The Vladimir Tiara: the Greatest of All Tiaras: You can See the Elastic that Holds it On 


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