Val’s Great Project

Saturday 11th May 2019

Val was given an old-fashioned kitchen scales 30 years ago by a school-friend. Restoration was called for, so they have remained in a cupboard this last third of a century. ¬†Suddenly Val got to work, just the other day. Off with the cream enamel and turquoise piping, dismantle and re-colour. Racing green they were to be. Enamel spray. But some of the metal was rusted quite away. Val stuck. Also, how to re-assemble the device? Then some women came to tea, one of them an engineer. She got the thing back together in no time. Also recommended car filler, and even knew where to buy it: Val trolled off to Kar Krazy. ‘Huge place,’ Val said. ‘Nothing in it. The man was glad of some company.’ Then Val back home with filler and finished off the scales. Now to be used as a fruit bowl.

Val's Great Restoration

Val’s Great Restoration: Note also Val’s Three Graces to the Left. How Many have the Three Graces on their Kitchen Worktops?


Posted Saturday, May 11, 2019 under Adrian Edge day by day.

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