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Thursday 2nd May 2019

The Gay Mother said that you can have a day off from Lent on Mothering Sunday. So sherry and chocs permitted on that day.

I never knew what Stabat Mater meant. Maybe something to do with stabbing? But, no, it’s the Virgin standing at the foot of the Cross or maybe outside the Tomb of Our Lord or both. ‘Stabat’ means ‘he, she or it stands’ in Latin.

The Gay Mother was asking about Fleabag. I tried to put her off. But she was cross because it was on too late. I suppose word had reached her because of the Vicar in it, even though a Roman. The Church Times has been abuzz, possibly.

The Gay Mother spoke about donkeys. When one donkey is wounded or ill, the other donkeys gather round it and care. There was a programme about a woman who’d devoted her life to donkey-rescue. I don’t think it was just an item on Woman’s Hour. Definitely a whole programme. She said she was inundated with donkeys in the early days. We wondered where they came from. I could only remember ever seeing a donkey at Carisbrooke Castle, on the Wight’s Isle (Brexit Central), being made to drive a wheel that hauled up water from a well for the amusement of tourists. It would never be allowed these days. Like the Chimpanzee’s Tea Party at London Zoo – abolished because disrespectful to make a spectacle of the chimps. Everyone of my generation saw that donkey at Carisbrooke though – or has heard of it. But where did all the other donkeys come from that had to be rescued?

There are a few fine points to be made about Resurrection, which you might like to remember for next Easter – if spared. It’s not the same as a basic rising from the dead. That’s just a dreary old miracle. A Resurrection is a new start; one is completely re-programmed to begin again. I’m not quite sure how this played out in practice. I’ve always thought Christ’s time post-Resurrection was a bit ghostly and unconvincing. The supper at Emmaeus; nobody knew whom he was. Not surprising he just evap up into Heaven. On the whole probably better to thoroughly die the first time and not come back. One wouldn’t want to be tiresome. Once you’ve done the big farewell, really that’s it. You don’t want to be like one of those legendary actors, always retiring, only to comeback.

Harry Rollo commented on rich people, among other things. He has a wide range of views beyond the narrow confines of performance. Rich people, Harry said, always want everything replaced at once if not working or not satisfactory somehow. New 3-piece suite not quite what was expected – get another immediately. This extends to people, of course. Even wives or husbands found to be lacking can be simply whisked away and substituted with what is hoped will be a better version.

Matt Driver was in an incredible outfit. Only once every ten years do you see an outfit that is just perfect and always it’s impossible to say why. Why is this outfit perfect and another not? Perhaps this explains that fashion people are usually unhinged. Nor does a graph catch it. This was a jacket by Folk (not a house I would have thought of) in a thick spongy wool, little slacks by Uniqlo and an under-jumper by ???, shoes by Hogan. ¬†How it came together – colours quiet but surprising in combination, navy and grey, just a touch of pattern on the trews, the shoes just the right emphasis and the jacket, because in a thick fabric actually creating a barrel effect but just right. An ideal harmony of form and content, actually, so hard to achieve and why clothes are so difficult. Because of endless variation in the human form. Why oh why can’t we all be a standard shape to look fabulous in clothes at all times?

Matt Driver's Miracle Outfit: Graphs Don't Begin to do it Justice

Matt Driver’s Miracle Outfit: Graphs Don’t Begin to do it Justice

Matt Driver's Premium Outfit

Matt Driver’s Premium Outfit

Matt Driver's Outfit: So Fabulous

Matt Driver’s Outfit: So Fabulous

Matt Driver's Outfit: If Only I could Graph It

Matt Driver’s Outfit: If Only I could Graph It



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