Death Again

Thursday 11th February 2010

Val rang up this morning to tell me that his birthday is the anniversary of the Relief of Makefing. ‘Is this only recently so?’ I said, meaning,  Has one or other date suddenly been moved? I was going to tell you about his marvellous resurrection phase at the moment. I’ve been storing it up for weeks.

But then everything was thrown into confusion. First of all a text from the Photographer Multi, then an e-mail from my friend at Nicole Farhi, then another text from Harry Rollo. Alexander McQueen dead.

Hanged himself. Must have meant it. My immediate neighbour worked with him, was with him from the beginning.

You don’t know what to think or feel, especially with a suicide.

I never wore the clothes – too expensive. But I looked at them in awe. Just hanging on the rail, they were objects of beauty.

He had a house in the neighbour street, which he sold about 15 years ago. There was some scandal about that. You may remember. The Photographer Multi graphed him once and was alarmed by his diffidence. Almost pathological. Could hardly bear to look at the camera. But he had an angry, difficult side.

London Fashion Week next week – that must have been the trigger.

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  1. Thin White Duchess says:

    So very very sad to hear this dreadful news. No understanding what could have brought this about as I did not know him, but how many people really understand how precious they are to one another? What can be done to stop suicide?

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