Some Good Things Happened

Sunday 8th December 2018

Yesterday I found my hand fork on the top of a wall. I’ve been looking for it for weeks. The missing sock – it turned out it had got left behind on the drying rack. The sock brand is DorĂ© DorĂ© but this particular sock has been a disappointment, having a wooly finish. Even so, it’s important not to have a lone sock in the drawer. When I phoned Apple Support, I got support, even though they said my warranty had run out. Eventually the missing Word doc was found on the back-up disc. After much ag. I got to the gym today – no padlock. It had gone missing from my bag. I was facing not being able to lock away my Waitrose shopping. I enquired at the office and the hunk there said, ‘Here’s a spare one but I don’t know the combination.’ I fiddled with it and it was mine! Must have left it behind after last visit.

But the main agony…. will our Mine be picked up?

Posted Sunday, December 9, 2018 under Adrian Edge day by day.

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