How Marmion Beaufleasance Wove a Pattern

Friday 7th December 2018

Marmion Beaufleasance took 70 years but it was all all right because there were so many connections. He addressed the throng: there were household names present but very quiet. Marmion has woven this web for fifty years. Never is a stitch dropped, nor a thread pulled. Now he’s weaving in young Gays, some of whom he’d not met. But the Ducal Grandson of course with a lover who could play Puck… The Old Gays were still going strong. Up from the country were Miles Kent and Leon de Veer. They’ve not been seen in London for years. Robert Nevil, of course, who was present in Westminster Abbey when I first met Marmion through RN’s then fatal lover at John Betjeman’s Memorial Service where we also saw Debo and Lady Moseley and Elsie Tanner from Coronation Street, the TV programme, as well as Philip Larkin, who was explaining that he had left his car at Watford.  It turned out that Marmion knew everyone that one knew, as well as many more, such as Jennifer Paterson.

One of Marmion’s hobbies is going to Memorial Services.

Some of these grand Gays have rather had their day, A.L.Rowse and Raleigh Trevelyan even to the full extent of sinking into the grave. Those that remain are undeterred, pursing private projects, perhaps an occasional monograph or private charity work, or committees in a quiet way, lunches of course and outings. Still grand, still great, despite that world of grand people having given way now to Instagram and the like. No more Norah Smallwood.

So Marmion made a speech, which he’d not done before in the 40 years, to the day, of giving parties in that room – in the presence of the Queen’s cushion. Twenty-three of the original guests were still there. That party 40 years ago marked Marmion’s elevation to the Royal Household proper, so that was the second link. It was exactly 40 years since he took up his position at the foot of the steps to the Throne, where he has been ever since although now on the top step, of course. 50 years and 4 days before he had begun his apprenticeship at the Institution and the previous day had been the 50th anniversary of George Lazenby (playing James Bond) and George Baker (a better actor, Marmion says) playing a member of the Royal Household, coming to that place on a research mission. The James Bond thread had cleverly been kept going too, since Marmion had been involved in a small way with the latest production of the James Bond adventure series, ‘Spectre’.

So it all fitted together and was marvellous.

Marmion Beaufleusance: The Cushion she Sat on at the Coronation

Marmion Beaufleusance: The Cushion she Sat on at the Coronation: Not in Plastic Bag as Usual 

Marmion Beaufleasaunce: Letter of Engagement from the Queen

Marmion Beaufleasaunce: Letter of Engagement from the Queen





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