Illness Recommended

Tuesday 8th February 2010

Last Thursday, after Eddie Sedgewick’s art opening in Spitalfields, Robert Nevil fell into a pothole outside Jeanette Winterbum’s house (sorry, we don’t like her). He was hauled out by Joshua Baring and is suffering grazed knees and elbows. Quite how much compensation Winterbum will pay is yet to be decided but it will be substantial surely. I, meanwhile, having endured a small piece of casing tape lodged in my throat all day (shades of Queen Mother fishbone, I thought), on returning home switched from ravenous hunger to nausea in seconds and have been laid up ever since.

I don’t think the two were connected – the fragment of tape and the nausea. In the morning I was parcelling up some fabric for Val who’s doing a chair for me and in biting off a piece by mouth inhaled a shard.

On Friday I lolled semi-conscious in bed. Loved it. And all the time thinking, thinking of the weight loss. Not eating, off my food. Just what I need. Mercifully the condition continued Saturday and Sunday, appetite only back, worst luck, today. End also of massive savings on food bills. But …put on my Miu Miu black suitlette and the trousers fell straight down. I don’t know what Lord Arrowby will think when I meet him at the theatre tonight.

He can be awfully stern,as you know, and leaves for India on Saturday.

Eddie’s show was wonderful. What a mix of people – painters and decorators, art ladies as usual wearing the art,names, the artist’s schoolmaster, and young artists. Projected on the wall was Eddie’s new website, which is a panoply of his life, with spooly-whooly old movies like Warhol (can’t remember the name of the type of film).  Otherwise, all around, was  an ebullient retrospective of dynamic, intricate, elusive art works from the last twenty years. How’s he’s kept it up! Especially outstanding was a print from the 90s of the urban landscape at night, thrilling but terrifying and two new pieces, dated 2010, in which the fiery intriguing image emerges  from thick black impasto. Unusually for a Private View, guests were actually looking at the pictures – and buying them. Red dots abounding.

Eddie Sedgewick's Psychedelic Look for His Retrospective in Spitalfields

Eddie Sedgewick's Psychedelic Look for His Retrospective in Spitalfields

Posted Monday, February 8, 2010 under Adrian Edge day by day.

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  1. So sorry to hear about the potholes. Awfully dark round there.
    Dim gasllghts and a Jack the Ripper round every corner. The upside is that every boy you see seems to carry off Artful Dodger chic to perfection. All rather thrilling….

  2. Ambrose Cecil says:

    How I agree about Eddie’s ‘keeping it up’ – he’s an artist of remarkable consistency and tenacity. I am biased, though – one of those red dots was mine!

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