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Wednesday 21st March 2018

What happened when Genevieve Suzy returned.. and did Val ever offer those sausages? Will we ever know?

But Katie Boyle has been took. Val says she ruined his childhood. It was her grapefruit diet. That terrible acid start to each day. She was the face and voice of Eurovision with her ‘Nul points’ but in truth she only hosted the thing four times. Otherwise her face was the face of Camay, although she was allergic to the soap herself. Then there were her appearances on What’s My Line. Oh and she was the agony aunt for the TV Times for 20 years. Let’s not ask what Katie Boyle amounted to exactly. She was a Greatness by willed fame alone out of nothingness. And she was, slightly, an era.

Now I happened to be in the Members’ Room at Tate Modern on Monday. My goodness, those floors are scuffed. There’s a view across to San Paulo, where I’m going this evening as a fact. The Matthew Passion by Bach. But there’s something wrong with San Paulo. Nobody seems to have noticed for the last 250 years. There’s a band round the bottom of the dome. It’s blank. They must have forgotten to decorate it. Why has nobody mentioned this before?

San Paulo. There's Something Wrong with It. Do you See? That Blank Band. Obvs Not Finished

San Paulo. There’s Something Wrong with It. Do you See? That Blank Band. Obvs Not Finished

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