Quiet Lunches and Decor

Saturday 10th February 2018

I’ve grown ill with decor. The detail and struggle. Last week I had not to touch a drop to get through. Decorators in the front bedroom, creating havoc, deliberately smearing filler, then the electrician updating the sockets and light switches to period pieces, then a former Romanian orphan painting the stairs – he got quite good once I had donned painting clothes and carried out a demonstration of sanding down myself.

Now I’m mending carpets, touching up the work on the stairs where the Romanian former orphan pressed too hard with his roller. Also when the sun shone, some bits of roller fluff were revealed as embedded in the wall. I hate the sun shining in the home, especially in winter. It’s catastrophic. I’ve got to fiddle specially mixed paint colour around the newly-installed period light switches to disguise bare patches and minor damage caused by the change of switches.

Will it ever end? The only real leap forward was finding frames for three of Cousin Teddy’s paintings, one of which was made by the same firm in New York as made the frame for the Leonardo that was recently sold. But Cousin Teddy’s paintings are not quite Leonardo. They fitted perfectly into these frames though – no cutting down required. Next week I hope to collect from Lacey Gallery, Westbourne Grove, then go on to lunch with my framer for new frames, which I rarely have. I don’t like new frames.

Otherwise there are the usual 500 or so tasks to be carried out in the home. Not to mention gardening, which must start now.

At the celebration lunch for contributors to Dainty Lady TV, Genevieve Suzy hid my handbag. When I came to my place where I’d left it it wasn’t there. I shrieked before all the Greatnesses assembled – a TV star so great she was ‘done’ by French and Saunders in their TV Christmas special, the other who Gays with Eddie Mair on the PM prog, the great double editor himself, a household name, who almost went to prison. ‘How are you?’ someone enquired. Glum pause: ‘I’m over 8o.’ There was much talk of sexual harrassment and wrong, the vogue topic. The TV star said, ‘All the men I know are terribly worried. ‘ There was some puzzlement. ‘I don’t know any men who aren’t predatory,’ she added by way of explanation.


Posted Saturday, February 10, 2018 under Adrian Edge day by day.

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