Ronnie Ronnie Found to be Immortal at Pizza Express

Sunday 3rd February 2018

Ronnie Ronnie – an important early Gay, he blazed a trial for others to follow. The Blitz Club, Marilyn, the mid 70s. Nobody had ever seen Gays like that before, singing and being Gay with fearless abandon. It was totally new then and almost all the rest of the world was against it. No Gays, thank you. Filth.

But Ronnie Ronnie was glamour and music and sound at the Blitz Club. Recently he turned 60. And now he’s come back. At Pizza Express, King’s Road, Ronnie Ronnie rose again. Young Buck was in the front row, filming. He is the one who said ‘Sex is just skin.’ The opening song described the older lady, battling on with frock, face, hair and eyebrows. She has no choice. She must. Well, quite.

The agony but never giving in. ‘I’ve changed my mind,’ Ronnie Ronnie called from behind the curtain at the very start. Were we just to continue with our pizzas (or in my case, a Chicken Nicoise), songless? But Ronnie Ronnie burst forth. His timing is superb, as is his feeling for costume and lighting. And the rapport with the audience. This is deep camp. Dazzling and clever. Not merely a performance.  Shards of pain dare to intrude, are glared at with a hard steely glare. It would be trite to say, ‘The show goes on.’ It’s more than that.

Some say the artiste should retire gracefully, that a comeback is a mistake. What nobody sees is that they are different and often better – like Renee as the Marschallin, more poignant now with her own advancing years. No, no, Ronnie Ronnie is in his prime. Now is his time.

Everybody was there. Robert Nevil in Indian country garb, Eddie Sedgwick who has recently moved to Gay Central at the Elephant, Marmion Beaufleasance, fresh from the lower rungs of the Throne and Her recent ‘interview’ on TV, Trevelyan Poldark as well, from the Radio, a friend of Anthony Mottram who was at Prep with Marcus Cargill, England’s leading clockmender, whose mother was at uni with the mother of  Tinkly Skipworth (present at Pizza Express, King’s Road). He played the piano for Ronnie Ronnie years ago. And, of course, Bruce MacBain, my private architect, who knows them all and lived with the celebrity ballet dancer in the flat now occupied by Marcus on weekdays in Covent Garden (proximate for The House). What a web of Poor Little Rich Gays over the years!

Ronnie Ronnie: the Act One Costume

Ronnie Ronnie: the Act One Costume: the Hair, of course, isn’t Natural: it’s Winter Mink

Ronnie Ronnie: the Act Two Outfit

Ronnie Ronnie: the Act Two Outfit


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