What is the Message of the Angels This Year?

Monday 25th December 2017

Christmas is everything that Poor Little Rich Gays are not: babies, family life and the shops closed. I’ve been thinking often of the infant Christ this year. A baby is somehow an inert thing, not filled with the promise of what it will become but suspended in a state of temporary perfection. A baby needs to buck up, acquire some conversation and some outfits as well as some complication. The Baby Jesus wasn’t a baby at all really, nor was he poor and lowly but down from Heaven for a short stay. Heaven, we understand, is like a country estate, its halls lined with lapis and presumably an incredible level of service.

Even so Poor Little Rich Gays might contemplate the Nativity. As Bruce McBain said the other day as we toured Prague, if every building were a great building it would be unbearable. So, with the Poor Little Rich Gays: if cap a pe in Prada night and day, always rich and great and in command, they would be insufferable. They would turn into the Earls Court Gays, with their bleached teeth, personal trainers and eternally spotless white jeans accompanied by not very nice attitudes. No fun, no lapses allowed, a lot of sneering, loathing of the Poor etc.

No, Poor Little Rich Gays, here and throughout the world, Jesus, who was rich and all for our sake became poor, who lived on Earth without even a capsule collection but eventually ascended to Heaven, from whence he had come, Jesus, the way he mixed rich and poor was an example to us all.


Posted Monday, December 25, 2017 under Adrian Edge day by day.

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