Reggie Cresswell’s Triumphant Ceramic Launch

Wednesday 18th October 2017

Constanza Elford, Reggie’s Publicity Czar, said Reggie had been seen swaying graciously up the street, bearing his new ceramic, or part of it. Would it crash to the ground? Agony. But just right for the new ceramic which everybody agrees pushes to new boundaries including the boundaries of its own existence, as has never been done before. How can a ceramic be so vividly there yet disappear at the same time? All the rules are broken. Reggie has been telling everybody that a village in Berkshire with a peculiar name was to feature somehow, but in the event there is no sign of any village, nor indeed any artistic anchorage such as is normally found in a work of art. Yet the rhythm of assembly and dissolution somehow resolves into a shape and an elegant harmony. Some have clamoured for more ceramic, for a sequel as it were, but Reggie’s ceramic is complete in its incompleteness.

All the world assembled in the same suite of rooms by Robert Adam as the last time Reggie launched a ceramic. ‘Princess Galitzin, do you know Joshua Baring?’ ‘Guinevere Pelham, do you know Joshua Baring?’ So I seemed to be saying more than once. If I could remember who anyone was. Rufus Pitman made brilliant remarks. Joshua Baring disappeared. Robert Nevil was with Lady Eastbourne, who always leaves early. Guy Bostock appeared looking v. spruce in a spray-on jumper. He was accompanied by a charming young man who knew me. I felt completely at home although I didn’t know him which was awful. I don’t remember what he said, but someone people ray out enthusiasm and interest. The content isn’t important. Rufus thought this man is the one Guy is going marry but it wasn’t. But maybe now Guy will switch just because Rufus said… Lord Arrowby was telling Joshua Baring that he’s a nice person. They’ve never got on since the affair of the teeth, but who now remembers what Joshua said about Lord Arrowby’s teeth? It can’t have been that bad. And the lordly teeth are universally acknowledged to be outstanding. It was Lord Arrowby’s birthday that very day. So he deserved special treatment. I explained to him that he’d been talking to a Graham Sutherland owner without knowing it. He doesn’t like that kind of thing. Despite rationing as to drink, I was soon deranged. ‘But you didn’t mention Reggie’s ceramic on television,’ I said to a leading ceramic buyer, with what was supposed to be a playful upward glint. ‘And you are?’ the leading ceramic buyer said. There were various other things that went wrong.

There was another key in which the party played which was all Reggie’s friends from beyond the world of ceramics who might just have heard of the North Circular Road even if they’ve never seen it. There’s Basil who was an early mobile phone user, later dealt in vintage American cars with wings and teeth and now is a film agent; also has a wife, possibly. Basil is absolutely marvellous, endlessly invigorated and renewed, reality completely at his command. Marcel had come all the way from San Francisco, where he is wistful and dreamy. It was like a miracle, seeing him again after all these years.

At this party I became entangled with Kernow Hellizon re: the next party i.e. the launch of Kernow’s latest work. Rather like discussing the menu for dinner while having lunch: very wrong. But I couldn’t grasp that it’s not to be at the Notting Hill Guinness lady’s but another Guinness manifestation in Holland Park. W14 as a matter of fact. This went on and on.

Finally Reggie made a speech in rhyming couplets. He always does this and it’s perfect because the problem of a pre-written speech sounding stilted is overcome. Besides Reggie’s brilliant at rhyming couplets. You can see the rhymes coming without being at all sure what they’ll be nor quite believing them when they come. Incredible anticipation.




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