These Terrible Days

Friday 16th June 2017

Nobody feels they can carry on. This fire. No government. Protesters storming the Town Hall. Majesty visited this morning, only just in time. This afternoon it would have been impossible. I hope she won’t be attacked over her visit. There she was – the same as always. She does and says little. The poor man as she was leaving – calling out, ‘What about the children? Queen, Queen, I want to see you.’ She thought he meant, ‘Get a view’ so she paused before getting into her car. Diana would have rushed over and hugged him.

How could Mrs May have got it so wrong? After all that’s happened? To visit and not speak to the victims? I’m beginning to wonder whether Jeremy isn’t the only hope after all.

I was there yesterday. The tower is near my old home. I happened upon The Church of All Saint’s Notting Hill, some way away, further back up the hill in the £££££££s part of the Borough. They were taking donations. So I dropped off  the contributions of Genevieve Suzy, Robert Nevil and myself. Only just in time. They’d got too much. My friend who has a shop in Portobello Road told me later that one of the Vesteys was in that church, feeling guilty about her millions from Fray Bentos boil-in-the-tin steak pies. I got back in the Official Car and rounded the corner: the blackened hulk slammed into view, although nearly a mile away, a terrible accusing presence – and there it will remain for many months. Often I used to wonder, when I lived in that neighbourhood, peering out from my poor little rich gay life, what went on in those tower blocks, for Grenfell is not the only one.  Utterly alien. You can see them from many of the desirable properties. Your afternoon walk could take in one or two easily.

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