My Brexit Day

Saturday 25th June 2016

I was shattered and remained closeted in my room on the phone to Fergus Strachan and then the Gay Mother. ‘Well, we’ll have to make the best of it,’ she said. Westfield Shopping Centre beckoned for comfort. I was due there anyway after Topman couriered my last suitlette over minus the trousers. Only on enquiring was it revealed they weren’t available. Fortunately the customer services telephone person traced a pair in the right size to Topman, Westfield Shopping Centre. So off I went for comfort. It was a long way and a hideous challenge to find the shop you want in the complex. Laura Malcolm whatsApp-ed: ‘Furious and upset.’ I proposed myself for luncheon. We managed to perk up. Was it the Dunkirk spirit? One can’t be too sure what’s happened to that now. Maybe it’s been wiped out since we don’t like them any more. We saw some migrants in the street. ‘How about we adopt Brexit attitudes?’ Laura said. ‘Yes, if you can’t beat them, join them,’ I said. We can all be hostile to outsiders for sport and to gain the comfort of solidarity if we really want to.  A Colombian man was cleaning Laura’s home. Non-EU at least. But we felt for Miroslav, except he’s just been round and is only interested in the football. Minette, my cleaner also: not bothered, although Rumanian. They are rather marvellous, these Eastern Europeans. I mean, what are we going to do for staff?

I wended my way home via Buckingham Palace for comfort, but she wasn’t there. Marvellous the way she proclaims that she’s ‘in’ with a huge great flag flying on her roof. Could be very inconvenient if you didn’t want anyone dropping by. Before that, with a huge effort, I visited that Furniture Cave down the bottom of the King’s Road – we’ve got to go on buying. But they have only have mega items these days – huge brand-new antique things of sickening opulence.

So back home I couldn’t resume my programme. I telephoned to Val, then Genevieve Suzy loomed from Brownies, where her daughter had been left. They’ve got this new dog, it’s a miniature Dachshund in a mink shade. Luckily she’s grown since Monday where I saw her in the Dainty Lady TV studios (she’s to have a regular segment) because really there’s quite a risk she could be stepped on being about the size of an eclair. Diamonella (she came with that name) scampered in my garden, then wee-ed the rug (it’s so old and no sign of a stain now: we sprayed at once), before falling asleep. Any exertion requires at least 30 minutes of bed rest. She’s got a pink blanky in which she is wrapped. Then we went off to Brownies where a huge presence of Remain voters (the producer of ‘The Dragon’s Den was there) were collecting their off-spring. The Brownies had been making a cake for birds to be put in the fridge over-night. I didn’t like to mention that this was a bizarre activity for midsummer when the birds are self-feeding. Back at the Suzy residence, we watched the news: ‘Prime Ministers crying… we must cover that,’ Genevieve cried. After that Graham Norton came on with Joanna and Jennifer who cheered up the Nation with their antics. They’ve made a new Ab Fab film. I’m sure it’s a mistake but there we are.


I am Proud to be of the Waitrose Twitterati: I Proclaimed to the Man in the Key Ring shop and he Knew at Once What I Meant

I am Proud to be of the Waitrose Twitterati: I Proclaimed to the Man in the Key Ring shop and he Knew at Once What I Meant

Genevieve Suzy's New Dog in a Mink Shade: Diamonella

Genevieve Suzy’s New Dog in a Mink Shade: Diamonella





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