A Few Stitches Left from Before Easter

Wednesday 30th March 2016

I’ve been meaning to complete the petit point from before Easter but terrorist bombs and Easter meditation distracted me. Harry Rollo gave a perf on a Wednesday followed by a dinner attended by late-comers who’d been putting the Graph weekend section to bed – blankets are back! And some fabulous new chocolatiers – that kind of thing. Dainty Lady TV but on the page. Marvellous.  I love the Graph – mainly because of the pictures. Miss Lamore Cellina couldn’t dine and was as good as helicoptered out of the venue. The perf involved men with hair bands and incredible textures and layers. It was all completely new although seen before and I couldn’t have been more entranced. When Harry Rollo gives a perf it’s an occasion and the other performance artists just give and give, so much do they love Harry Rollo. In the restaurant Harry said, ‘I haven’t got a drink,’ before recalling Imperial days in the European Courts. ‘More elitism, please,’ he said.

Before that, on a Sunday , I drove out with Robert Nevil to plant nurseries. He recommended at least three TV programmes on Channel 4. I thought I’d written them down but it seems I haven’t. One he’d heard about from Joshua Baring, so it would be for young people. It almost impossible to remember to watch everything on TV these days. One gripping quality murder story ends and at once another begins. One is breathless.

On the final Saturday before the Passion of Our Lord, Simeon Bond gave a lavish stand-up with early asparagus among many other delicacies. Stephan Jäger gained direct from a performance venue. I wish I could remember now why he was telling me that the words to the opening of the New World Symphony by Dvorak are commonly thought, in musical circles, to be: ‘I want to masturbate. Please leave me alone.’ Perhaps it was because that mu had been chosen for the arrival of Mrs Merkel at some world conference. My God, Mercury, Mr Kitten and Harry Rollo are under classic Poor Little Rich Gay pressure. Not merely was Harry in suspended animation for ten days or so in America. He went into a highly creative trance, which was all very well, but they’re supposed to be moving house in London as well as Harry giving a series of perfs in clinic-like places such as Lucerne and, to top it all, mounting an incredible entirely new perf at a massive summer venue in July. It’ll all get done. Poor Little Rich Gays aren’t special for nothing. But ordinary people would last about 3 seconds in this life.

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