A Brief Interlude Nearly Brings an End

Thursday 23rd March 2016

I must break off – I was going to tell you about Harry Rollo and Mercury, Mr Kitten, what Robert Nevil has been watching on TV as well as my Easter scarves. But yesterday it might all have come to an end. Yesterday, had things turned out differently, I might never have shopped on eBay again. Decor would have gone, along with menus, face, hair, outfits and herbaceous borders. Word reached me early of the explosions in Brussels. At once I thought of Ivo Driver. You may recall he’s suddenly outstanding, of great promise and has just taken up a position in the EU. Europe is his realm of expertise and his mind has a fine precision that draws out conclusions like diamonds. He’s only just gone to live in Brussels. He works for the EU. That metro station, they said, was right by the EU headquarters. Well, I sat there and suffered. Nothing, of course, compared to the suffering of his parents and siblings, Ivy and Kelm Driver. As always with these outrages, the networks go down, you can’t get through. You just have to wait, fearing the worst. This is what the terrorists do. It was brought home to me as never before, what they inflict. Mercifully, Ivo was perfectly all right, in fact already in his office when the attack occurred. Others will have waited and finally heard the worst. There’s no comparison. Most escape and have the luxury of resuming as if nothing had happened. ┬áBut I feel bizarrely grateful to have been brought closer to what this horror means and to have experienced at first hand in a minor way the fury it provokes. Laura too was furious – when it was all over.

Posted Wednesday, March 23, 2016 under Adrian Edge day by day.

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