The Gay Mother Makes Remarks

Monday 8th February 2016

Now I think of it, January was a triple gourmet dining experience. There were three gourmet many-coursed repasts, including New Year’s Eve – which is strictly 31st December.

We had the money left by Aunt Smidge for a lunch so we were gourmet at the once-humble hovel-inn in our village in the Far West. Cousin Smurry lunched, and also the McVities. Mr McVity acquired a mouth-wash business by accident about 30 years ago. It came bundled up with a lot of other businesses he was buying. Then he was late 50s. Now he is in his last days, unfortunately riddled but kept at bay with rays. Does one consume a gourmet ‘meal’ or does it consume one? The Gay Mother was thrilled with her choices and had three courses. I had pollock in vodka and another version of Sticky Toffee Pudding Art to match the Usk Sticky Toffee Pudding Art for Burns Night. The world seems to be full of chefs in quest of the ideal Sticky Toffee Pudding. The Laird says it is not a sponge with toffee sauce poured on. The toffee aspect must be more deeply embedded.

When it came to the bill, the Gay Mother was the keeper of Aunt Smidge’s lunch legacy so it was she who paid. ‘What did it come in at?’ I asked later, knowing in fact, having glimpsed, as had Cousin Smurry, it turned out, that we’d exceeded Aunt Smidge’s very substantial budget. ‘Oh I didn’t look,’ the Gay Mother said. ‘It would have been rather brazen to have looked in the middle of the restaurant.’

Previously I’d been explaining to her about the Royal Academy Private Views, and how they are saturated with someones such as Andrew Marr, Lord Brag, the Directors of all the other museums and Royston King. The Matisse to Monet one had just been missed by me owing to being in the Far West for Aunt Smidge’s legacy lunch. ‘I see,’ the Gay Mother said. ‘So Matisse and Monet don’t get a look in.’

Sticky Toffee Pudding Art as Seen in the Far West: That Bottle Contained a Rare Japanese Milky Stuff: Tangy

I Forgot to Mention These Controversial Coconut Bars Offered by the Laird as Pudding before We Played Scottish Quest on the Sunday in Usk


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  1. Grew up on Macaroon Bars!
    They’re made from potatoes… did you enjoy?

  2. Adrian Edge says:

    Pototoes! I can’t say it was my absolute fav, as Mary Berry said of Nadia’s bubble gum flavour

  3. laura malcolm says:

    I’m not a fussy eater, Bruce MacBain, but I found the Macaroon bar quite inedible.

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