Scottish Quest: Classic Poor Little Rich Gay Insider Knowledge

Saturday 6th February 2016

I omitted to mention that the Laird of Usk has the classic Poor Little Rich Gay trait (pronounced ‘tray’) of fingers in every pie, being in at the kill, private access, and connections. ┬áThe laments and poetry coming out of the ceiling in the Usk dining room on the occasion of the Burns Night gourmet 8-course vehicular gourmet experience and vehicle were all sung or recited by people known to him and well-known in Robbie Burns lamenting and reciting circles at important venues all over Scotland and the Scottish world diaspora. The next day, after the gourmet vehicle, we played Scottish Quest. Laura Malcolm condemned the game, but mainly because her turn didn’t come round quickly enough (too many players) and all the questions were about Scotland. Scottish Quest is a board game on the Snakes and Ladders principle but you have to travel about Scotland collecting the letters to make up the word ‘Quest’. The rarer letters, such a ‘q, require a journey by air to Orkney or Shetland. Players shake the dice but in order to get their ‘go’ they have to answer questions such ‘What type of iron is in ironbrew?’ If you answer correctly you also get some money, which you need to pay for flights and ferries. The thing is though: the board we were playing with, indeed all the equipment … yes, privately given to the Laird by … yes, you’ve guessed it… don’t hold back… the inventor of the game!

Scottish Quest: the Board was Privately given to the Laird by the Inventor of the Game


Posted Saturday, February 6, 2016 under Adrian Edge day by day.

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