Three Wise Men Came from the East

Sunday 27th December 2015

This year I am much preoccupied with the Three Wise Men. As you know, Christmas is a troubling time for Poor Little Rich Gays here and throughout the World because of the humble stable and the simple baby. At Christmas we are supposed to reduce our souls to the bare essentials and pour forth love. What room for a moisturiser fridge in such a scheme? And love? That can be exhausting. Only yesterday Val was having¬†the most frightful time folding his whipped egg-white into his egg custard for the plombiere aux fruits! No little onions for his Boeuf Bourguignon either, not even for ready money. He was thinking of renaming it a daube or even a stew. But against all odds, Val’s Christmas message was heartening: ‘World Peace, my darling and remember: Live, just live!’

Our Vicar had an intriguing Christmas story of how homeless Carol Singers pitched up in Chester Square and knocked on a door with a policeman outside. Ma Thatcher herself issued forth with many banknotes. ‘Can I join in?’ she asked. ‘Can I choose the carol?’ She wanted ‘Oh Little Town of Bethlehem’ and got it. Denis emerged and arm-in-arm with the homeless, one of whom was a former miner, they sang on the Belgravia pavement.

So at Christmas we know that some come down. The Three Wise Men came down. Mrs Thatcher came down. Greatnesses come down and bathe in humility at Christmas. The Three Wise Men paid court at the stable and gave their expensive gifts. However is there not another point of view? ¬†What if the Wise Men had never come? Would not the overall brown colour scheme of the stable have grown oppressive? Would some smelly shepherds have been sufficient to launch the Baby Jesus? Might it not be that the Wise Men lent prestige? Surely this was the turning-point? The descent of Royalty to the stable bucked up the whole scenario no end. It’s doubtful that we’d remember the Baby Jesus today had they not shown up.

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  1. Robert Nevil says:

    Heartwarming Seasonal Story about Ma Thatcher: sadly, so nile she didn’t even realise it was a miner she was entertaining unawares.
    Our Lady Vicar here in Herefordshire is decamping to Devon so may well soon be ministering to the Gay Mother: it sounds as though a replacement is due.

  2. Adrian Edge says:

    Let’s watch out for that Lady Vicar

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