Poor Little Rich Gays Flung Far and Wide Even in November

Thursday 19th November 2009

There’s nothing for it. I’ve been gardening. It’s been a completely non Poor Little Rich Gay afternoon. I do it myself. Unlike Simon Limpney who got top designer, Sean Swallow, in to do Massivebury and, oh the scenes!  Swallow winning hands down of course, from what I heard.

Now I’m behind and there’s mud in the house and my nerves are a little bit frayed. I’m meeting Laura Malcolm and her son, Kelm, at the Royal College of Art at 6.30 and it’s already nearly 5. We’re representing the Multis. Yes, we are! At a retrospective featuring Chantal Joffe among others. The Multis, you see, boarded this morning for Milan where  Chantal has a solo show, although the Ms have already bought up all the work, as far as I can see. They were pleased with the top-notch range of wine,ski and CEO guides on offer at City Airport (but I’ve looked at the photograph more carefully, there’s Delia lurking in the corner!) but less satisfied on board: business class crammed, while cattle nearly empty. They are staying at the Hotel Principe di Savoia. No doubt we will hear more.  They immediately encountered some Angus Willis-type styling at luncheon in Milan though.

So things look promising.

I went to Milan once – no like.The Gay Mother always pronounces it ‘Mill -an’ – stress on the first syllable.

But I’m not a Multi.

Poor Mottram (by the way, I forgot to mention that I have agreed to go to Prague for New Year: under strict orders from Mottram not to be beastly to Vladimir from the Ukraine), in the meantime, has pitched up in Moscow on ‘business’ where he is reduced to dining at KFC. Do you know it? Apparently only affordable outlet without queues.

I worry about Mottram.  ‘Consultancy’ is not flourishing at the moment, in the central of Europe. And he’s got two to pay for.  I was thinking, also because I had dinner last night at Joe Allen’s with Mrs Solomon Bung who is ‘over’ from California and we were having a rather delicious little talk about legacies (new money’s all right, but it mustn’t be brassy): so I was thinking: what would happen to a Poor Little Rich Gay if he lost all his money? But it’s never been known. Then I recalled. What about Val?  Valiantly hurling his last few pounds into the off-licence till.  But still a Poor Little Rich Gay. On cue, a text comes through from him. He’s in Liverpool, running up cossies for a panto, and so re-born or back in the money at least.

So – there we are!  The latest on the Poor Little Rich Gays

Books liked by the Multis on Sale at City Airport - sorry about angle

Books liked by the Multis on Sale at City Airport - sorry about angle

Angus Willis-type styling enjoyed by the Multis in Milan this morning

Angus Willis-type styling enjoyed by the Multis in Milan this morning

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  1. Frankie-doreen Gunn says:

    Nasty little grease spots on that paper bag. Angus Willis would not have tolerated.

  2. Anthony Mottram says:

    Not a paper bag. A hat. Or doggie bag/hat? So many carbohydrates on a PLRG table, too. Outrageous.

    Has anyone any recommendations for clean dining in Moscow? I am at my wit’s end.

  3. Mottram refers to his mother who once visited Bulgaria. On the plane back, when the airline lunch opportunity was presented, she said, ‘At last, clean food.’

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