I am Received at the Palace at Last!

Saturday 25th October 2014

I met Genevieve Suzy outside. We were to be the only Press because everybody loves Dainty Lady TV. You remember the Gov of the Bank of England gave us his last rolo – i.e. his last 4 minutes at the Reception. Once again recalling the great days of Helen Gurlie Brown, Genevieve had an up-do, a Chanel bolero jacket in eau de nil with grey mink tippet, a cameo brooch, pencil skirt and nude kitten heels. She looked completely imperial and great, like a zenith.

The reception was for Brunel. There is a new initiatve, something is being launched. Bristol was the theme, because that’s where the SS Great Britain is, Brunel’s iron ship, and now apparently the fount of Brunel in our time. I’ve mentioned before, we like Brunel because of that photograph of him before the chains looking hot, his name and his defiance of death with so many of his projects still in use today. Also, the Gay Mother was mentioning when we were in Cornwall, he had an estate near us in the West and our family must have known him, not least because one of them was big in the Great Western Railway.

The room at St James’s Palace was red and gold. It is much photographed as the scene of weddings of minor relations of the Queen. Many times she has posed in a group graph before the double doors. They were flung open when Prince Andrew appeared but that was later. First of all, we met all the people from Bristol. There was a distinct Bristol burr. Connie from Bristol said she had walked the coastal path from Minehead to Land’s End. I formed a distinct impression. Then she let slip that her husband was cooling and refrigeration for almost all the supermarts in the UK. The husband was pointed out, in brown tweed jacket and flannel slacks. Frockage was reduced to a minimum, quite frankly, but can you imagine the squillions? Next an unassuming couple, she in highly inflammable shiny print frock. There was talk of lifts. ‘Our lifts are all over the SS Britain,’ Mrs said. ‘It’s Mr and Mrs Stannah,’ Genevieve hissed. Of Stannah stair lifts! The actual golden fount of stair lifts!

I didn’t notice the doors opening. It was clear that the men were wild for Genevieve and had never known such grandeur. But Prince Andrew had come into the room. Then there were speeches. His was awfully good. I can’t remember a thing about it now but there was much ingenious weaving and threading together, a natural speaking voice and no notes, very informal, leaning against the podium and speaking quietly, no great stiff thunder. With hair and better frockage, he’d be quite a miracle.

Prince Andrew did not give us his last Rolo which was a mistake. On the way back in the taxi, Genevieve said to me: ‘Let’s just face it, you’re never going to see the Rembrandt properly.’ She’d been to the Press view that morning. I couldn’t go because of being on the way back from Cornwall. Rufus Pitman was shown privately the previous day. I’m to go the week after next with the general public, so as Genevieve said, I won’t see it properly.

Matt Driver said: Did you Buy your Bag in a Charity Auction?’ I said, ‘No That’s the Ticket put on at St James’ Palace.’ No Cameras or Phones Allowed. We Had to Show Passports and Utility Bills to Gain Admission



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