Touring with The Gay Mother

Thursday 16th October 2014

Just back from an extensive tour with rigorous programme. The Gay Mother wanted to visit the church where she was baptised 90 years ago and which both her grandfathers, one as its 1st vicar, the other as founding trustee, launched over 100 years ago. Now the church is redundant and needs to be saved. They were having an open day there. Thankfully but unsurprising given that the family of Edge were fingers in pie, the building turns out to be of the highest quality, an exceptional Arts and Crafts example with an outstanding organ. Of course. As you know, ┬áthe family Edge has throbbed at the heart of this Nation for 200 years and more. Where were we not seen ? – the Great Northern Railway, the Great Western Railway, Napoleon, Brahms, Archbishop Lang, Archbishop Fisher (horrid to Granny), J.M.W Turner, Joshua Reynolds…

The Gay Mother bore up well to the desecration. ‘I suppose that’s where I was Christened.’ She gestured to the Font now surrounded by debris. Even a lav seat nearby. Someone was playing the organ, whose sound is light and joyous. They’re hoping the church can be a concert venue. The lectern, in memory of her grandfather, has been taken away to another church. ‘As a child, I never liked the pulpit,’ she said. ‘Reminded me of cold meat which I hated.’ All the fittings in the church are of the highest quality (the kiddie Gay Mother should have known better) and the reredos, with marble bas-reliefs, very fine indeed. ┬áThe whole church, pleasing and free in shape, in fact almost square, with intriguing areas of brilliant light coming off the sea and others dim and religious, is an exceptional return to the Gothic in the Edwardian era.

Next: we visit Collaton Fishacre, then Cornwall where we take a UKIP hotel.

Superb Carving and Reredos in Gay Mother’s Baptismal Church

The Pulpit Disliked by the Gay Mother in Childhood – Reminded her of Cold Meat

Detail of the Reredos: V. Good Work Surely

Here the Gay Mother was Baptised in 1924

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