Careering Through Engagements – Post Birthday Tidal Wave

Saturday 4th October 2014

In fact also pre-birthday for I omitted to mention that Harry Rollo, the impressario and performance artist, gave a perf on Monday which lasted for three staggering minutes. I can’t begin to describe it but never before could three minutes have made such impact and been at once nothing and everything. Afterwards we went to Cote. This was a surprise and Harry writhed in torment. Somehow we weren’t supposed to have been there. Cote is a chain-restaurant, possibly French  – and they didn’t bring the drinks. Harry and Rufus Pitman (for it was him) discussed getting to a Kate Bush concert. Harry’s taxi had been blocked at Knightsbridge. He’d no grasp of Hammersmith, the scene of the Kate Bush concert. Somebody said, ‘Did you think of the tube?’Harry writhed some more: ‘I have no wire-cutters, no heavy-lifting equipment, no breathing apparatus… quite impossible.’ Rufus Pitman said that with his 40th birthday forthcoming he was going to invite all his ex-partners. There was a phase of bad taste which would make no sense written down in which Poor Little Rich Gays were seized with delirium in the face of tragedy and almost died laughing. ‘Why is this funny?’ somebody said. Rufus Pitman also described how he had visited Australia recently and fed a wallaby. Ayres Rock was the sensation of his life, even more, it was implied, than Chatsworth.

Tuesday was a day of rest and I’ve already transposed my birthday on Wednesday up until tea-time – which was taken with Anthony Mottram, ‘consultant’ of Prague. Oh yes, we roared along after almost five years of estrangement so with almost five years of conversation to pack in. Thus I was late setting out for the birthday dinner kindly given for me by Frankie-May Doreen and Giles Ullerston. As already mentioned, I took a taxi, throwing caution to the winds for once on my birthday, but it made me queasy lurching round corners as it short-cut through the lanes of Chelsea. Robert Nevil was of the party as well as Laura Malcolm, Matt Driver and Prince Dmitri Hersov. When I mentioned that I was seeing Joshua Baring the following night, Robert Nevil said, ‘Oh yes, he said he’s dreading it.’ So then I pinched Robert Nevil quite hard. The others were not impressed. Later we discussed good plants for late season colour and for shade with Giles Ullerston.


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