Final Thoughts on Madrid and What Poor Little Rich Gays Have Been Up to This Week

Friday 30th October 2009

I suffered a setback on return from Madrid. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow. I’d thought those stains in the Madrid hotel bathroom would boost my morale at home but no…

I hope I wasn’t cruel to that city. I’ve been thinking. Poor Little Rich Gays must be at the centre of things. Money puts you there; poorer Poor Little Rich Gays make their own centre or are the centre. Poor Smallmeal, head of the landfill in this country or whatever (total non-speakers, fuck off and slam down with me at the moment and probably for good) would be wretched in Madrid; he didn’t make millions to have tapas.  Italy, on the other hand, emanates importance, even if you don’t know exactly why. There’s certainly no need to actually go and see Giotto or Michelangelo or whoever. The Multis and I were discussing, when we were in Tuscany, how the Medicis started up banking, taking the first steps towards the Multis becoming Multi.

I’ve quite forgotten to tell you, by the way, that they’ve done a fabulous deal with Coutts Bank – the blond Multi or the photographer Multi or both took a hard line and got the rates knocked down. Millions handed over. It’s now quite possible that the Multis’ private economy could run the water treatment system of a small town or several bus services. Not that they could possibly be involved with anything like that – the dreariness.

I’ve been quiet this week. I’ll tell you more tomorrow. But other PLRGs have been whirring as usual. Bruce MacBain, my architect, went to the launch last night of some Japanese sanitoryware at C.P.Hart. Jet cleaning and perfumed air blast WCs at £10,000, supply only (I’m not quite sure what that means, are you? I think it’s: you can’t have one, even if you’ve got squillions).

Next week, Bruce MacBain and I go to the opening of the Ashmolean extension at Oxford. It’ll be huge – the function, I mean, not the extension. I wonder if Grayson Perry will be there or Michael Portillo.You won’t be able to wait to hear about it.

Lord Arrowby (you remember him, very unusual, because gorgeous, blue eyes, athletic, BUT lurks in Government circles which are not noted for their glamour – that Milliband passing for pretty; he’s the Foreign Sec) was at the State Banquet at Guildhall (that’s in the City of London) for the President of India. He told the Indians that I would be visiting their country soon.

He did, really.

Frankie-Doreen Gunn, my old friend, the dynamo, multiple business interests, and Laura Malcolm, novelist and expert on French life, are at their respective Norman homes. Laura is bed-ridden, possibly Swine. We are praying that she will not be lowered into the rather wretched little nearby graveyard.  Now I’ve got some inside information on Swine. I had dinner recently with some people high up in the disease world. You might recall my agony when Anthony Mottram was struck by Swine in the summer – quite unnec. it turns out.

All Poor Little Rich Gays have inside information. You must too. I’ve also got inside information on the MPs’ expenses affair. I’m dying to comment but I’m going to wait until Sir Christopher Kelly’s report is published next week.

Tomorrow I’m lunching at the Chelsea Arts Club. Eddie Sedgewick, the artist, is launching a website.

In the meantime, thinking of those ladies in Normandy, do divulge your thoughts on second homes in foreign for gays. Are they popular?  What locations do you suggest?

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  1. Robert Nevil says:

    Thrilling news that Adrian and Bruce will be attending one of the receptions for the opening of the new Ashmolean. Here’s some inside information that we all apparently should have. Apparently there are several receptions planned, providing a marvellous opportuntity for A-List one-upmanship – one of the few sports at which PLRGs excel.
    I understand that one of the receptions is for HMQ and the dreary dons so it will be dusty and dowdy beyond belief, and may even demand evening dress. Another reception calls for “cocktail” attire, which sounds rather more PLRG and promising. I look forward to a lot of shrieking amidst the statuary and a full report in due course.

  2. Another reception!!! At the Ashmolean? Maybe it is a quiet tea on account of HM’s great age. I am not pleased.

  3. Lady Parvula de Panzoust says:

    What about another reception not for queens or the Queen but angelic Londoners. I have just heard all about it, though alas not from invitations (my poor post-boy has been run off his feet chasing letters and cards across the country for me). Naturally, I am most excited about Eddie Sedgewick’s launch. I am amazed he has made it out of the arms of the amorous Belgian with whom he was entwined when last I met him. If one truly wants to get involved in one-upmanship I think that trumps us all. I shall be reclining with Solange for comfort ce soir, prehaps breezily perusing the new Ashmolean catalogue over some bubbles.

  4. admin says:

    Am just back from The Chelsea Arts Club where Eddie Sedgewick launched his website. Will tell you all about it in due…

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