I Face the Most Gruelling Week Ever

Monday 30th June 2014

This afternoon I take a bee-themed tea at the Chesterfield – they’ve got bees on the roof and they feature in the tea. My outfit must be suitable for going on to the Garden for Ariadne auf Naxos. Tomorrow I stage a Royal Dinner in my home. I’m to make Eggs Drumkilbo, a favourite of Her Late Majesty the Queen Mother, in fact not eggs at all. It’s lobster in mayo with ketchup and anchovy essence. While cooking and giving the dinner to be attended by Rufus Pitman, Marmion Beaufleasance, Genevieve Suzy, Lord Suzy and Patrick Lockyer, I’m to do pieces to camera for Dainty Lady TV. The aim is to show how my style and food presentation compares to that of Buckingham Palace. In the meantime, I’m to do my usual pieces to camera and live links.

On Wednesday, something is being launched in Savile Row. On Thursday Rufus Pitman is launching his great new work. On Friday I will be conveyed (by ambulance, I should imagine) to Suffolk, where Ed Jasper, the bed linen expert, is giving Roland Mainflower’s 50th birthday at their country home.

Don’t talk to me about plants, potting on, clothes, the Sales (still no pale grey good slacks), stains, my new suit to be got back from Bottega Veneta (yes, I went mad. Have never bought there before. It’s hand-finished. But needs letting out at the waist but only millimetres of fabric allowance. In that kind of shop, you shriek, ‘Just do it! – even at 50% off)



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