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Wednesday 25th June 2014

You remember the Queen sent me her Cookbook? Well, the latest plan is to invite her to my home where I will offer her her own dishes, cooked by me. This will make a feature for Dainty Lady TV. No doubt we will chat about cooking obstacles and presentational challenges.

I do hope she can come. The deadline is Wednesday week. How will I manage Crown of Asparagus with Crab and Mango or Cutlets Windsor with Sauce Paloise or Langoustines Lossiemouth? Everything must be served on Sevres and crystal should ideally have been a present from the King of the Belgians in 1854.

Never have I felt more poignantly the true role of Royalty – to be the rock to which one clings in tempestuous waters. I haven’t even got all the shops covered for the Sales.

This is the Standard of Style I have to Achieve for the Royal Dinner

This is How My Table Must Look for the Royal Dinner

Have I got Ware of this Standard for the Royal Dinner?

A Simple Look – I Must Achieve This for My Royal Dinner

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