My Garden Opening: Also Vital Details of the Summer Cold Table

Wednesday 18th June 2014

On Sunday 8th June my garden was opened to the public. I open with neighbours in a group. Some of my friends visited the other gardens and said they were all Gay.

Beforehand I gave a scratch lunch: I did a white bean and salami salad with roasted fennel and toasted fennel seeds. The salmon was wrapped tightly in clingfilm with herbs and two leaves of leaf gelatine in between the fillets, tied with string, re-wrapped in a tea-towel and also tied, poached in simmering water for 4 minutes then left to cool. I didn’t like the result. There was also a chicken salad. I spent much of the previous week discussing with Angus Willis the exact cooking of chicken and salmon to avoid a hard, dry result, the bane of the summer Cold Table. He thought: chicken – try poaching for 30 mins then leaving to cool. This was just a little too long, even for a big bird. The clingfilm method for salmon was Angus’s suggestion. The trouble is it produces a soft salmon which is much treasured in some circles but you get the jelly all around it from the two leaves of gelatine inserted between the fillets – as if by magic.

The pudding was an apricot fool. The salami and bean salad rendered the collation incoherent.

Nine lunched. Robert Nevil and Joshua Baring talked amongst themselves in a nasty way about Kernow Hellizon, against whom I will not hear a word said. His latest novel is everything a book should be: short, light, exquisite, silly and terrifying. Other guests included Aunt Lavinia, Ned Czernowski and Peter Achraya, Bruce MacBain, Genevieve Suzy, her husband, Mr Lord Suzy and their daughter, Allegorica – who found a dead fairy in the garden.

At 2pm the public arrived in droves. Lord Arrowby threatened to scratch owing to illness but dragged himself in. The public were bowled over by his sex appeal. ‘I looked in your main room too,’ one of the visitors said. ‘I really did. I looked in.’ For three and half hours I received the Public, while Lord Arrowby manned (yes, a real buck) the queue in the street, Bruce MacBain sold the tickets, and Peter Achraya, Ned Czernowski and Genevieve Suzy, with Robert Nevil entertained the public as they waited.  What a line-up of Talent! Can you imagine my gratitude and how jaw-on-the-ground the Public were? At the very end, Genevieve produced Rose Prince to collect her for departure. Rose Prince is someone.

The afternoon raised over £1000. I wore jodphur-type jeans by Zara in putty-grey and a Balenciaga top in black with banding. The public were not openly hostile. I hope, upon reflection, they will find their lives changed forever.

The Salmon Bandaged as Instructed by Angus Willis, One of the World’s Leading Stylists and Foodists

The Salmon After Cooking: Jelly Magicks Around It

My Garden as Seen by the Public: Many were Never the Same Again

My Garden as Seen by the Public



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