Poor Little Rich Gays! – It’s Not too Late to be Thinking about Christmas

30th September 2013

For years I’ve meant to warn. At last I’m warning: Poor Little Rich Gays here and throughout the World, get your Christmas card organised now.

It’s not too late.

You’ll need a concept for your card but that’s not hard: it’s either you, or your home, or your hotel suite. See some inspirations below.

Then you’ll need to consider backdrops, flowers, costumes. But your photographer and stylist should organise …

I look forward to thrilling cards this year.

By the way, Val and I carried out our annual tour of Buckingham Palace last week, mainly to see the Coronation Dress and other Coronation artefacts on display.

But that Palace really is something. Three drawing rooms in different colours. Intensely intimate and really quite small-scale, but unbelievably grand and great. A really superb Nash interior. Well done Nash for creating it and well done HM the Queen for not spoiling it.

Inspiration for your Christmas Card: From ‘My Royal Past’ by Cecil Beaton. Note the Vase and Double Doors to Give Drama

Or a More Intimate Portrait: You Could Show your Poor Little Rich Gay Life and Its Burden but Delight

Buckingham Palace Cappaccino



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