My Minute Prep School Jacket from Topshop – update

Friday 16th October 2009 (later)

Just back from a Church Table Quiz. Indeed, it is not a narrow furrow that I plough. On the way, saw,  in obscure back street, youth mincing along  in –  MY PREP SCHOOL JACKET FROM TOPSHOP! Drawback I hadn’t thought of – Topshop, a bit ubiq.

The Table Quiz (don’t worry I have not let Jesus into my life; not at all) – much agony over  how many roads lead off Piccadilly, which wife of Henry VIII married Thomas Seymour etc. People not met before fully revealed as often the case with games. Nasty het brute wouldn’t let me be scribe, snatched the paper from me, two ladies, one wearing all her jewellery including bow tie made of pearls, quite insistent Neil Kinnock had been Prime Minister.

Ryvita, orange nibbles, quiche, cardboard plates,  my old friend, Miss Cheshire, the quiz mistress. Loved it.

Came 4th out of 7. Quite concerned about the result. Robert Nevil and Sebastian Archer, supposed to be so brainy, went to a quiz in an organic pub recently and came bottom. Sport and crap TV their downfall.

Nibbles at Church Table Quiz

Nibbles at Church Table Quiz

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