I Blend the International Stage with the Domestic Sphere

Thursday 5th September 2013

The New Season has opened and that 100% divinity Lord Arrowby, my former love interest, has hurtled across the sky, shoulders broader than ever, in fitted plum shorts and a flowered summer shirt.

Meanwhile there have been a number of mishaps.

There’s a strange smell of feet near my desk. Not my feet so whose?

A nasty stain has developed on one of the duvet covers. Not even bleach applied with a Q-tip will shift it. I put more bleach and washed at 60 degrees. Am praying for result. But accidentally a pair of pants got into the 60 degree wash. They are only meant to be 30 degrees. Ruination.

Then I broke a plate. One of my best ones from the harlequin set. Cost £60. Went up to the antique lady yesterday and got two more, quite similar. £90.

Come back soon – I’m going to do fragments from the New Season’s opening and then Gardens.

My Broken Plate: But it Will Rise Again Like Helen Burns

Replacement Plates: Actually Better Quality than Broken One

Replacement Plate




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