Lovely Lord Arrowby Suddenly in Balearics

Friday 18th September 2009

Lord Arrowby texted – a rare event, I can tell you.  He plays hard to get – with me, at least.

You remember him – very high up, some kind of government advisor.  But glamorous and blue-eyed beyond anything seen in government circles for generations.   In the Balearics, he says (I’m copying from the text to get the spelling right.  Lord A’s spelling  faultless,you can sure of that). ‘With someone “new”? ‘I reply. ‘In Ibiza? ‘. I imagine some sort of disco holiday with non-English ‘friend’. But no, in Mallorca (Lord A’s spelling), at a 5 star (hurray!) on secret business (probably something to do with identity cards). Not La Residenca either. That’s the famous Mallorca hotel where poor Simon Limpney was done in by the spa treatments and had to be air-lifted out by the armed forces or the fire brigade or both.

I couldn’t help it. All this going on on Wednesday while I was playing cards with Marcus Cargill and the photographer Multi at Marcus’s flat in Covent Garden. Was rather drunk. But Lord A so Mr Darcy-ish and reproving, too tempting to get silly. ‘Any treatments?’ I go. ‘Any waxing?’ ‘By the way,’ I text, ‘I’ve been doing press-ups in the mornings’. I’ve not mentioned this before. I’m trying for a new gay body in my fifties. ‘Maybe on the way home, at the airport, you’ll see some pants in my size.’ This actually a serious request.  You remember my pants’ crisis still on-going from the summer sales when I bought Large. So saddled with bloomers.

Lord Arrowby awfully frosty, of course. He’s just not that kind of Poor Little Rich Gay. But I think he likes the attention. I’m seeing him tomorrow at Borough Market, at 10.

Can’t wait. Do you think he’ll be cross?

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  1. Camilla Jones says:

    Oh do find out who the someone new is.

  2. mervyn says:

    Amazing that 5 star hotels are still being paid for by the UK tax payer for Government business. I thought that the UK central bank head M King had cut up the UK credit card.

  3. Lady Portia says:

    Can I refer to an earlier posting? You refer to the Gay Mother saying that she is 85 and carries her own suitcase. Have you or anyone else ever offered to carry it and would she accept if the offer was made? This has been troubling me!

  4. Miss Camilla: maybe there is no-one but I will try to find out.

    Mervyn: Thank you for your comment: And welcome to the site. You can rest reassured that Lord Arrowby’s stay in Mallorca was self-funded. He can afford it. He does not always work directly for the government. He moves in mysterious ways.

    Lady Portia: What I meant was she self-carries when there is no-one to help her. Otherwise she drags it on its wheels. At railway stations she uses the passenger assistance service or whatever it is called. But last year, owing to failure of trains, she was unaccompanied at Bristol Temple Meads and carried her case down some stairs. She could have summoned help but didn’t. I was most concerned that she might have tumbled over. Another lady of nearly 90 hurtled down the escalator at Paddington because she insisted on travelling from Putney by tube to catch a train to Devon laden with all her Christmas presents and palaver. She was not badly hurt.

  5. Thin White Duchess says:

    I remember holidaying at La Residencia, taking the treatments and playing tennis. I don’t know whether Mr Limpney was there when I was there because I don’t know him, but I certainly remember bumping into Tom Ford in the sauna with his entourage. Do you know him?

  6. admin says:

    No, I don’t know him. But Laura Malcolm’s friend Sol Weidenwar is a dead ringer for Tom Ford and fabulously hunky and steaming with money. Was Tom Ford perfection? What are these entourages? How do they work? Is it the same as friends?

  7. barbara cruz says:

    don’t get me on the subject of entourages……………………they are ”the staff” of ”the celebratory”; we get a lot of that ”thing” and it really pisses me as they hog all the shops not buying anything and stopping us ”civilians” buying stuff. They become a substitute for real friends as by then some stars are so ‘big” they lose all their real friends and can now only meet other entourages of other stars and of course the associated stars of those entourages themselves (but note the order). There is some status involved in having an entourage even though it costs. This idea that you have to have your moveable office with you all the time is unhealthy – the star usually then ends up in rehab at some stage and then may ”get real” again if they are lucky. I have seen it all and it does not all end up happy.

  8. Camilla Jones says:

    Too right, Barbara, hear hear!

  9. Robert Nevil says:

    Barbara is absolutely right about ‘entourages’ and friendship. Witness (many years ago now) the preposterous 60th Birthday Party for Elizabeth Taylor, to which ‘one thousand of her closest friends’ (as the press release had it) were invited. Imagine the humiliation of finding oneself her 1,001st closest friend and being left off the guest-list.

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