Massive Depth as We Meet Pearl-Ann from Florida and Bepe

Tuesday 21st August 2012

Mainly I saw the heights of Tuscan society heaving into view. I thought we could make a break-through. In the Montevarchi cafe where Cameron coffee-ed last year and didn’t tip the waitress, the Photo Multi was suddenly talking to an unknown highly blonde lady from America. That was last week, at the same time as the mozzarella water incident.  This woman, with a thin cloth covering and wedges, was saying that she’d met a handsome Italian wine-maker and stayed on.

After that we were gagging for a tasting.

So some days later we were in her tasting room. ‘This is where it all began,’ she purred. ‘Six years ago I came in here for a tasting, fell in love and began a new life.’ ‘It’s a book,’ said Bepe, her handsome wine-maker, producing the very thing. ‘How to Live Your Dreams and Get What you Want.’ Self-published.

Pearl-Ann is a life-coach, a specialist in life reinvention and empty-nest syndrome.  In mid-life she decided on a full life-rethink after affliction and tragedy and corporate wretchedness. Why not whirl to Tuscany, live simply and meet a handsome wine-maker with family vineyard? Then, in winter, return to the US and cater dinners on a paying basis to rich people in their homes in places such as Aspen at which Bepe’s wines are offered. Pearl-Ann’s drive now is to get Bepe’s wines ‘out there.’

There were graphs around the room of these occasions: appalling decor. One tycoon v. keen on big game hunting, so bison on walls etc.  Bepe himself featured in some of the graphs looking a little like Elvis Presley in the latter stages. Real life, luckily,was an improvement.

Pearl-Ann! I mustn’t sneer. I don’t think she quite realised she treads a path trodden by many Americans before. All the same, an adventuress, to be admired. How many would launch out and re-invent on that scale? There’s a Poor Little Rich Gay aspect, of course. Poor Little Rich Gays shape if not wrench the life, as you know. I was thinking Pearl-Ann was rather going round in circles, though. Attempting to escape American corporate existence she’d ended up bringing it with her – all the thrust to promote Bepe’s wines and the somewhat stage-managed presentation of her ‘story’ which just a touch turned it into sales talk to further boost the Vin Santo.

God knows Poor Little Rich Gays are driven. Look at the Blond Multi – can’t bear not to be doing an exam when not generating a business to be sold for millions. Must hack at his Italian verbs.

But there was something just a wheeny bit grim about Pearl-Ann.

Bepe with his Grandfather’s Vin Santo 1958

Bepe’s Grandfather’s Vin Santo from 1958

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