As We Re-Villa in Tuscany We Grow Richer and Deeper

Saturday 18th August 2012

Never call Poor Little Rich Gays cruel or superficial.

Whatever may appear to the contrary.

This morning we were wrenched from the old villa, enjoyed by the Multis for three years in a row, owing to a German booking.  By the staff there, we were loved, and they loved us.

Even so, as the Blond Multi commented so poignantly this morning, the ruthlessness with which one is erased from a villa is disturbing.  The loved staff set about scouring and stripping directly after breakfast. But at lunch, the Blond said he had no thoughts, had nothing to say. I reminded him that, in addition, when the road changed from tarmac-ed to untarmac-ed (what they call here a ‘white road’) he had quipped, from the front seat of the hired convertible, ‘We’re going off-piste.’

The Blond Multi is a personage of exceptional human quality.

So we bade a tearful farewell to the old villa and the Blond Multi handed the Romanian Husband/HandyMan his iPhone so the whole thing could be filmed, then the phone handed back into the departing car. Beforehand we had posed with the Romanian villa Wife/maid and both their children, brought out from the lodge, then hugged them all.

Arriving at the new villa, the Multis had the gardener out of the kitchen for talking and said no tip because he didn’t help with the luggage. The maid here is called Valrhona, except it’s Vabona. She’s Albanian. Captain Blond Multi regaled her at some length in his new Italian with full English accent with how he could hear a dog barking nearby and was not pleased.

With Poor Little Rich Gays the hierarchy is never more absolute. Lying by the new villa pool, the Blond groaned, ‘I often complain about servizio.’ Yet, at the same time,  ranking is never more utterly broken down, the staff never more chatted to, Facebooked, fascinated and with eyes-out-on stalks.

Come back tomorrow! We’re getting more and more profound. I’ve got so much to tell. About Pearl-Ann, whose wines we tasted. And the row about the EU. And Tuscany over the years, all the villas we have known. I’m going to do that as well.

We love the new villa, by the way. Or at least I do. The Multis think it too finished and bourgeois, would you believe. They prefer  the roughness and rustic of the old villa.

It just goes to show – you never know what people will do or say next.

What’s more we’re, unexpectedly, having the welcome dinner service and Laura Malcolm and Matt Driver are about to gain by own car.

There is a comfort in money.

Drawing Room of the New Villa

The Multis’ Bathroom in the New Villa

Miraculous, Cantilevered Bucket Lav in New Villa

The Multis' Bed in the New VillaA Bedroom in the New Villa




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  1. Robert Nevill says:

    Did anyone notice in the rear-view mirror as you left the old villa the Romanian family dancing around with joyous smiles on their faces?

    I understand this is an age-old Romanian custom when guests depart.

  2. Bruce McBain says:

    Nice cantilevered stair in the Multi Bathroom…… just beware the lance-like handrail in the middle of the night. Glad to see tuscan artisans still keep alive ancient paint effect traditions.

  3. Photo Multi Press Office says:

    The Romanian family were absolutely delighted with the rather large gratuity that Adrian Edge ‘bestowed’ on them as he departed the villa. He was seen to throw wads of Euros out of his car window.

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