Through Money, the Multis Forge to a New Simplicity

Thursday 16th August 2012

So the Blond Multi has spent the summer learning Italian. Among other things. This is retirement on a cushion of some millions. His business was sold a few years ago and finally, after Christmas, he was able to leave completely. But he must have goals. One is to make pizza, as you know.

Every afternoon for weeks on end he was 4 hours at the Italian Institute in Grosvenor Square. In June he even took Rome itself – a week at the Inghilterra (not very good apparently) – for total immersion. His Italian speaking excites ladies who comprehend completely despite not the slightest trace of an Italian accent.

Now in the Tuscan villa afternoons he studies his reading book and listens through headphones. In the morning he is tutored in pizza-making by the villa maid.

It’s a ‘Storia d’Amore’ he’s reading in Italian. Very moving. In the 1990s, Valentina’s boyfriend was hot but common. She threw him over for Marco, of better birth and prospects. Now she finds Marco ‘snob’ and yearns for her true love and real values. Will they get back together?

The Multi has finished the story but not divulged the ending. He’s progressed to a murder mystery of the Campo at Siena.

He was so moved by ‘Storia d’Amore’ though. Valentina made such a mistake. She should never have embraced money and status over love.

Meanwhile the Blond Multi has achieved his pizza-making goal!

Love’s Story: the Blond Multi’s Italian Reading Book, also on CD

Valentina with Hot but Low-Born Boyfr in the rain in the 90s

Comprehension Exercises in the Blond Multi’s Italian Reading Book, Entitled, ‘Love’s Story’

The Blond Multi’s First Pizza, Made with Help of the Villa Maid















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