Social Set-Backs and Pseudo-Kitchen Life in Tuscany

Wednesday 10th August 2011

I’m in Tuscany. Just not looking the stock prices. Bruce MacBain, my private architect, texted this morning about 3 feet away from supposed London riots, entirely preoccupied with etiquette of visit to a Tuscan Multi villa.

Which he undertakes next week, as do I.

Meanwhile, at my more humble apartemento, Arjan Bose and I have  been informed by Bruno-France Bruno that the Contessa who deals in black diamonds is at Capri therefore unable to receive in San Gimignano. We’ve also had pointed out the villa of an English Lord (name forgotten), where Prince Charles has stayed.

But how to get in?

We met Luca at an olive oil farm nearby which has huge curly hair and v. keen to speak English. But he didn’t know the English lord. He lives solo in a casa rustica. We’re interested. His pants, almost entirely visible in the modern manner, had many messages scrawled.

I’m practising kitchen life with Arjan Bose who is a pseudo-kitchen (see glossary) – huge advantage that he pays for everything. In fact once he’s secured his vast doctor’s salary, Robert Nevil and I could find ourselves in a reverse-kitchen situation.

The whole kitchen issue needs clarifying: please note Poor Little Rich Gays are not kiddy-fiddlers.

Yesterday we took a evening drive to San Gimignano. Arjun said: ‘How old are these towers?’  Of course, I had no idea.

Failed at first hurdle of kitchen lover: you’ve got to be able to instruct.

More later: in a mad dash to get a sausage risotto on.

Controversial Luncheon Choice at Barberino Val D'Elsa

Controversial Luncheon Choice at Barberino Val D'Elsa: the Chocolate Decoration was Balsamic: The Mound in the Middle is Tuna Based: The Flaps are Turkey

San Giminango: Surely Poor Little Rich Gays Would Have Dolled Up These Towers Just a Little More

San Giminango: Surely Poor Little Rich Gays Would Have Dolled Up These Towers Just a Little More But They Were Built, in a Poor Little Rich Gay Spirit, to Facilitate Throwing of Missiles at Neighbours House of English Lord: Prince of W Said to Have Stayed: But How Do We Get In?

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  1. Laura Malcolm says:

    Am wondering about the nature of Bruce Macbain’s concerns re Tuscan villa etiquette, and whether Adrian would care to share his responses. I know Adrian has a close friend who authored a guide to manners, but can’t remember what it said about holiday villa life.

  2. Claudia says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Today at 10:15 am (5 hours ago)
    Hi Adrian, desperate to get in touch with Prince Dmitri,
    Just left Tuscany on your arrival (!!!) -two cooks spoil the brooth ,ah !!ah!!- for the venetian lagoon but willinig to meet up on the caming back home,
    pls get back to me and the boys with good news,
    say hi to all the fella ….

  3. Adrian Edge says:

    Oh, yes: him. The less said the better I think. On the whole: launch a risotto war in the kitchen, keep the cheese out of the fridge, whatever the maggots; dress for dinner

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