Holiday Frockage Challenges: What is the Poor Little Rich Gay Way?

Tuesday 24th August 2010

£400 on swimming trunks – but as Troy Banner of the New York Poor Little Rich Gays said: ‘Well, it’s a whole outfit.’

At the Umbrian villa we lunched on the small balcony to get the beauty of the view. Never before has so much wealth been crammed into such a tiny corner.

Even so, on holiday, in the sun, poolside, the temptation is there. Far from home, far from the capital of our great nation, no-one is looking – will we slide? Will we fail to resist?

Will we let go?

Frockage-wise, I mean.

In youth I vowed never, never to let go. Never let go and age at least will not run wild. Never let go and you’ll always be new, even if actually old, and finished, with face and hair, and the will applied to clothes. Think of Nicky Haslam in his rock-mod phase.

If you let go for one moment, you could unravel at once. Especially as you get older. You could never regain your grip.

But the temptation is great, especially half way up a mountain in Umbria at the end of a 3 kilometre dirt track. I’m afraid we succumbed. I continued to use one of my Turkish post-swimming wraps although I knew it had a stain. I did not change in the evening. Super-Dry, a new youth label of massive wham, I’m told, was worn by both the Blond Multi and Marcus Cargill, England’s leading clock restorer, but they both repeated their pieces. Wore them more than once.

Some favoured holiday frockage is letting go in itself. Shorts!  I can’t bear them. Absolute horror in any circs. Why are they always old? And holiday footwear such a problem – sandals, flip-flops: they’re saying nothing.

On the other hand Arjan Bose, Robert Nevil and the Photographer Multi were unfailingly styled and intended, even though the PM was in shorts in the daytime, but he reinvented them. Arjan and Robert offered exquisite, slender prints and linens in shades of puce, mauve and ‘Queen’ from the Calcutta bazaar. In the evenings, both the Multis were transformed into exquisite night-moths in a range of whisper pink and white  suits, the PM with winking diamond cuff-links.

And the Photographer Multi has surely, surely solved the summer holiday footwear problem – see graph below.

Time for tips. Come and get your tips!

  • Swimwear: trunks please, not those awful swimming shorts. One plain pair for daytime, for evening, ‘celebration’ trunks with dense pattern,min cost £100
  • Footwear: see graph below. Those ‘seagull skin’ slip-ons are by Jeffrey West. No sandals or flip-flops
  • Shorts: burn them.
  • Sarongs, Turkish bath wraps: have at least three. Wear as skirt poolside or in the villa except in the evening
  • Do not repeat tops or shirts
  • Change in the evening: summer suits in pink or white or long-sleeved shirts and good slacks, no jeans, whatever the heat or rurality of location. Jewellery.
Important 'Super Dry' Piece Worn by the Blond Multi

Important 'Super Dry' Piece Worn by the Blond Multi

Important 'Super Dry' Piece Worn by Marcus Cargill

Important 'Super Dry' Piece Worn by Marcus Cargill

The Photographer Multi's Excellent Summer Holiday Footwear Solution

The Photographer Multi's Excellent Summer Holiday Footwear Solution

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  1. Robert Nevil says:

    Very worried that you now refer to the Photographer Multi as ‘the PM’. Most confusing – and indeed alarming. given that we are (so far) a Democracy and not yet a Dictatorship.

  2. Adrian Edge says:

    Now, now! I think it would be all right if Poor Little Rich Gays were the ruling class as they undoubtedly would be. Just think of the frockage and carry-on at Downing Street. The PM forging out every Saturday morning to buy artworks. The nation would love it. Poor Little Rich Gays do tend to Absolutism, as we know. Look at Anthony Mottram.

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