Wednesday 5th October 2022

Anthony Mottram points out: if Prince Charles has become the King, and Prince William moved up to Prince of Wales, what about the rest of us? How have we been elevated? Because we have, for sure.

Day by day, we inch nearer the Throne.

Did I mention that the Gay Mother’s new cleaner served the King? Oh yes! The provenance… she saw to it that his ice cream was nut-less, having learned from his valet that he didn’t like nuts. This was years ago. He was visiting old Lord and Lady after they moved to the farmhouse but Lord was possibly still Lord Lieutenant.

The connections!

Anthony Mottram offered to annex a territory for me for my birthday, in the manner of Putin who adores to annex. Do you know I couldn’t think of anywhere I wanted.  Monaco? San Marino? The Suisse Normande? All with their pluses, but also minuses. And the strain and worry of trying to run them. What I’d really like annexed would be £150 million and a staff of 8. Then one really could begin to scratch the surface of everything that needs to be done in the home.

I went on the Elizabeth Line to New Rainbow Fabrics at Southall, which is a slab of South Asia put down near the railway line in west London. One was conspicuous there. I was only trying to boost hope by continuing with purchasing. A merchant enquired why I was taking photos. I said I had a friend in India and did he know where I could buy cushions? It’s so riotous and shabby and fabulous. Whole shops full of nothing but necklaces. Cloth of gold menswear abounds. I got exactly what I wanted – a length of orange silk organza to adorn my bed. But it will have to be edged.

Meanwhile Val is probably still standing to attention before his TV in his WRVS uniform. Has anybody told him the funeral is over? Dame Barbara did the same when Diana was married. She wasn’t invited to the wedding but absorbed the blow by saying she was too old to go. Instead she was shown on TV standing in front of her set in her WRVS uniform. Volunteering and loyal to the last.

Harry Rollo dined. Mercury Mr Kitten was knocked out by some vaccinations required by the Americans. He couldn’t even join by video link. Harry said the French Revolution should never have happened. Earlier there had been a debacle when he played Russian roulette with his calendar – and lost. He put all his chips on the Freud Opening at the National Gallery. Then the wheel spun. If he’d gone to the other event, there’d have been dinner with Tilda. Disaster.

If people say they’re Republican, Harry says, ‘No, you’re not.’ This is so profound. Do these people think Our Nation can have a different history, all of a sudden? Countries writhe to life from a terrible crucible of strife and devastation. We were fortunate that in the case of England, later the United Kingdom, that catastrophe occurred in the 17th century. We’ve had a Constitutional Monarchy ever since. So how would the new Republic of Great Britain be born? Not out of arid ideological theory, for sure. Really these people should move beyond the level of not even undergraduate debate. Do you remember the School Debating Society? Idly proposing the abolition of this, that and the other without a thought as to whether one could actually do those things.

Come to think of it, the ideal territory to be annexed to me would be one already set up with Harry as King-Emperor. It would be a benign absolute monarchy, which is really the best. So much less for everybody else to worry about.

Southall - Another World

Southall – Another World

Southall - Necklace Shop. Important

Southall – Necklace Shop. Important

My Purchase from New Rainbow Fabrics, Southall

My Purchase from New Rainbow Fabrics, Southall


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  1. Rufus Pitman says:

    Alas it is a common misconception that everyone sooner or later is on the Line of Succession and has now risen a place. Actually you can only succeed to the throne if you’re a descendant of the Electress Sophia – I think there are about 5 or 6,000 of them but it doesn’t go beyond that to reach One, eventually.

  2. Adrian Edge says:

    Oh no! How disappointing. On the other hand when those 6000 have been run through….

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