Sir Lynneland Truss Ushered In

Monday 5th September 2022

So, for the second time in a row, Poor Little Rich Gays are at the core. The former Prime Minister’s brother-in-law often occupied the platform with me at Dainty Lady TV.¬†His sister helped herself from the same canap√© plate more than once and drove with Val and Genevieve Suzy from Chelsea Harbour to Notting Hill after a fabric-sample-gathering exercise.

Now we have Sir Lynneland Truss. Can you think of anyone more suitable? She has said that she’ll be glad of the time in Downing Street to write plays for the afternoon radio about goings-on in Brighton in the inter-war years as well as caring for her dog, of course. I never knew she had any interest in politics. It turns out she doesn’t. So ideal for Ning Street surely.

Just after she’d switched from cats to dogs for devotion, she lunched with Marcus Cargill, England’s leading clock-mender, bringing her dog with her. On another occasion she lunched at a launch-lunch for a production of mine and afterwards wore dark glasses and took a taxi. Eddie Sedgewick is incredibly intimate with Sir Lynneland and once relayed to me how she had told Eddie that Christmas with her mother was very quiet and as well as immensely over-heated.

So only one conclusion is possible: Poor Little Rich Gays are closer to Ning Street now than ever before, much closer than to the previous regime.

The next step surely is the full assumption of Ning Street itself. To me, it is inevitable.

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