Looking Forward

Monday 18th July 2022

Anthony Mottram of Prague was over the other day. He had symptoms but wasn’t getting a line for that thing. Anyway he was too weak to receive Robert Nevil, myself and the Maharajah on the Wednesday but by the Friday was well enough to dine for a birthday (not mine or his). I went over in the boiling heat and felt near death. We discussed our Elderly and how they pass a point of no return in their decline. Anthony Mottram declared as a matter of policy, ‘I think I might start to fail in a few years.’ He made it sound like an interesting new adventure.

Her Late Majesty the Queen Mother, in her 90s, used to come down in the lift at Clarence House to give a luncheon. Attendants wondered if she were even alive. But the moment her guests loomed, she revived and her failure was reversed.

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